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1552.08 (6,861st)
33,453 (3,515th)
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Title Δ
Guard statment in Swift 0.00
Why set resultType property on NSFetchRequest 0.00
Does Swift have a way to observe changes not just to an object, but... 0.00
Can I make my own getters and setters and should I? 0.00
Swift: Using ObjectID of class for hashable protocol results in ran... 0.00
How can I access values stored in a variable of type "Any" -0.58
Swift Passing a member function to a function that takes an optiona... 0.00
Swift Sort array on multiple Bool values +1.89
Returning text as either Uppercase or Lowercase +0.48
How to fix cannot convert value of type Result<SuccessType<A&... 0.00
macOS: Is there a way to access the window controller without crash... 0.00
How to fix NSInternalInconsistencyException in Swift programming -0.57
Swift short syntax of execution +0.82
Mark extension as @objc only for unit tests 0.00
How to use passed parameters in swift setMethodCallHandler - self?.... -2.08
How to test for undefined array? 0.00
When to use exceptions and optionals in Swift error handling? 0.00
What is the difference between declaration of a variable with "... 0.00
How to generate number for elements in Swift array? -2.05
Function inside Function retain cycle +2.72
When does the == operator depend on Equatable and when does it not? 0.00
Why am I getting "Variable 'grid' used before being in... +0.42
Difference between `func<T: Type>` and `func<T>(..) whe... +1.80
Is there a way to get the thrown error message using `try?` is Swift? +2.02
collectionView.dequeueReusableCell not calling Cell's init 0.00
How to detect which NSTextField is clicked in Cocoa? -0.32
Swift and RAII: deinit behavior inconsistent between project and pl... -0.57
How to call a protocol function from a non-conforming class? -2.45
Get array elements that fall into a range without error -0.10
Is main = return () a program? 0.00
draw#rect core graphics, on top of a layer? -0.44
Several tasks inside a DispatchGroup. Will they run in order? -0.40
Why 'there cannot be more than one conformance, even with diffe... 0.00
Swift Sequence Anamorphism 0.00
How to unwrap double optionals in switch statement -- Swift -0.62
Swift Mirror Children collection empty when reflecting a type -2.59
How to fix "Result values in '? :' expression have mis... 0.00
Can I do something not `transfrom` in `map` and `flatMap` function? 0.00
Swift How could I safely unwrap an optional property when filtering... +0.09
Java Util Optional code to Guava Optional map and filter -2.02
Is there similar Swift like "Any" type in Dart? 0.00
How to create a new array of even numbers from an existing array? +1.06
Swift escaping block declaration +0.42
What is the asymptotic runtime complexity of the UIView convert(_:t... 0.00
Initializer for conditional binding must have Optional type: not &#... -0.09
Swift - Is checking whether a weak variable is nil or not thread-sa... +0.66
Why does skipWhile behave differently in these examples? 0.00
How to make return type of function generic in Swift +2.47
Name of class as static variable 0.00
Find what bundle a function was called from automatically 0.00