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1550.27 (7,200th)
33,453 (3,609th)
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Title Δ
How can I improve readability and length of a method with many if s... 0.00
Concatenating lazy sequences in swift? 0.00
Swift ranking dictionary 0.00
Is my code complex enough for switch statement usage in Swift 0.00
Is it possible to write compound switch case between enum associate... 0.00
Reduce a double in swift 0.00
Singleton class can be created without using 'Static'? 0.00
Replace between substrings in swift? 0.00
How to silence "variable not used" warning and maintain a... 0.00
Swift enums with stored fields? 0.00
tuples creating havoc while comparing them 0.00
Array of Integers to Arrays of Ranges 0.00
How to handle GenericClass<Any> for abstraction 0.00
DispatchQueue and [weak self] workItems. Is [weak self] necessary? 0.00
Decomposing a number into powers of 2 0.00
Documentation comment for loop variable in Xcode 0.00
What is the equivelent to Java's Integer.reverseBytes() in Swift? 0.00
What is the equivelent to Java's Integer.reverseBytes() in Swift? 0.00
associating enum cases will class name 0.00
keyDown event not working for shift key and only shift key 0.00
Why does this Kotlin code with generics produce a Type Mismatch com... 0.00
How to call a single argument from a function with multiple argumen... 0.00
What is a good way to allow only one non null field in an object 0.00
Is there a Swift built-in for a default dict, similar to Array(repe... 0.00
Swift Generic URLRequest 0.00
Swift -'init(cgImage:options:alphaType:)' is deprecated: Re... 0.00
Returning an object that conforms to a generic constraint 0.00
Append array data into Struct variable 0.00
How to find minimal non zero INT in an array in swift 5.0? 0.00
outputting a value to a typedef pointer in swift 0.00
How to implement observer pattern for a swift Dictionary 0.00
Sorting Through An Array Of Protocols, Looking for Parent Protocols 0.00
GKState: Why is self.stateMachine == nil? 0.00
Create constrained initializer without using the type in the signat... 0.00
How can I override a function with various inherited arguments (Swi... 0.00
comparing indexes in an array swift 0.00
Class variables are deallocated after calling function 0.00
Swift: How to convert Bytes into a float / get a more precise number? 0.00
Why does the swift compiler think the closure is trailing? 0.00
How to use the singleton pattern in conjunction with dependency inj... 0.00
Safe conversion of Float to Int? 0.00
How do we determine a language is dynamic or static? an example is... +0.42
Removing Non Duplicate Keys from Two Dictionary +0.07
A mutable pointer to a row in a two-dimensional array -1.30
FirstIndex:of: in an array of objects -0.54
didSet observer does not get called when initialising property +1.06
Swift: Typecasting Objects That Have Identical Selectors +0.43
Fast Array comparison in Swift 4.2 0.00
How does tuple comparison work under the hood -1.27
Highest frequency element in the dictionary -1.57