An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Mustafa Chelik

1425.09 (4,190,786th)
1,628 (100,474th)
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Title Δ
Communicating with PuTTY via pipe -1.12
Compile OpenSSL in Visual Studio 0.00
Set filename to Lav Splitter Source filter -0.40
SendMessage to child windows (Calculator try) 0.00
c# thermal image server stream for workstation client 0.00
How to send mouse click? -1.20
Getting Detail Information of process handle 0.00
run commands not work C# 0.00
How to modify a text file's "Date modified" property... +0.66
Cannot create GroupBox in mfc app 0.00
How to implement and use a .dll or .lib in a Visual C++ Project? [S... 0.00
Unable to start UE4Editor.exe -0.76
Equivalent of memset in C# "unsafe" code -2.14
Deleting specific element of an array +1.17
What is the easiest way to send a text file using Sockets between c... 0.00
Get path+filename of file that was opened with my application -3.22
bit endianness and portability of C binary files -1.98
Rotate a image in c++ 0.00
Save xml file by path from user select 0.00
How to read filename of the last modified file in a directory? -2.21
Finding closest numbers within two arrays -2.68
Associate text with a mutex -2.86
Injecting DLL and printing a message 0.00
using delay in foreach() -3.22
Running a thread for a certain amount of time -3.26
Retrieve image of picturebox in usercontrol to form 0.00
C# Hide mouse cursor on the specific position after specific time -3.32
C: Two different binary search implementation, one stuck in infinit... -0.66
Search substring in text file +4.19
Call function from dll inside .exe every x seconds 0.00
win32 - How to use SYSTEMTIME structure as a countdown clock -3.77
How do i make the conversion from string to char -2.33
how to resolve this issue "the type or namespace name 'service... +0.06
OpenCV installation Problems with Visual Studio 2013 +0.43
Array picturebox event click in c# +0.53
Generate two random numbers in a row won't work in C? -1.00
getting a list of all winforms controls and their properties -3.58
How would I capitalize every letter of a name from an array in c++? -0.41
How can i display in label the real size of a file on the hard disk? -3.51
Program bug in C -3.59
int array to char pointer +0.31
Char 2d Array of pointers 0.00
In the Win32 API, given a PID, how can I determine path on disk to... 0.00
windows inputlanguage changed c# 0.00
C++ char pointer -3.09
How do I "send" data to a message box? 0.00
Using threads in this case? -3.32
MSVCP100D.DLL is missing (SFML) -3.72
C# Equal Tab Spacing -1.04
Cyclic redundancy check calculation C to C# code conversion not wor... 0.00