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Peter - Reinstate Monica

1460.40 (4,401,567th)
9,455 (16,234th)
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Title Δ
Does C++ include C99 or C89? 0.00
Do..While loop doesn't stop to wait for uinput 0.00
Fastest way to merge millions of files 0.00
Is it possible to compile a project with two different language sta... 0.00
c++, dealing with exceptions from constructors 0.00
Can `snprintf()` read out of bounds when a string argument is not n... 0.00
"Optimal" function parameterisation in C -0.27
C++, A way to update Pointers after vector resize, and erase vector... 0.00
Solve redefinition of struct defined in two different OS-es 0.00
accessing private members without using friend class -1.51
Extracting #define statements from another .c file to retain revers... +0.05
Sending an executable C program to someone 0.00
Using scanf with %[^\n] for a string with no known limit +0.03
How to pass a derived class to function with base class as an argue... 0.00
How to write a c++ operator overload for input/output without knowi... 0.00
Find for specific word in textbox and delete all lines what contain... -0.39
Stop Decimal Values From Being Entered into C Program +0.55
Difference between memory allocations of struct member (pointer vs.... -0.45
Why is the C rand() function returning the same sequence every time? 0.00
How do I limit certain functions to certain structures in C? +0.18
How to recover data from a file as if it were an 'od -D filenam... 0.00
Using fscanf() to read data and the output result just immediately... 0.00
C++ "Dynamic" function pointers for C callback functions -0.90
Comparing a char to the char '\"' 0.00
Is it possible to effectively "upcast" / clone a base cla... 0.00
How to solve the "inf" result in c++ -1.51
Function pointer without a name in C -0.10
getting segmentation fault(core dump)after typing all the value in... +1.44
How many const variables can I declare before running out of memory? 0.00
How to write char[] into struct? -1.25
Creating an array using new without declaring size -0.37
Order of calling virtual destructors in C++ +0.54
What does it mean in C++ "It does not own the underlying data,... 0.00
Why the output of `printf("%llu\n", 1ull << n);` an... +0.64
Can somebody simplify the below code struct {int a[2];} arr[] = {{1... -0.54
Does memcpy depend on the type of the source and destination pointe... +1.33
Is there a way avoid a global array? -0.19
How much memory does it take for a structure that contains array of... 0.00
MISRA Error due to Wraparound of unsigned arithmetic operator 0.00
How to express the composition correctly in program? +1.43
git - Merge conflict -0.17
C program errors on print -0.45
Why might Visual Studio 2017 be showing an error of 'day_point&... -1.07
Where does C store input when stdin buffer size is set to 0? -0.18
Find command works in terminal but not in bash script 0.00
Why jenkins over simple bash scripts? -0.45
What does "output_dir="${1%/}" mean in .sh file? +0.55
Why is returning a stack allocated pointer variable in a function a... -0.77
Creating array of struct inside another struct -0.36
How to reset two-dimensional array to its original form after sorti... -0.77