An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Brian R. Bondy

1612.89 (1,280th)
263,511 (150th)
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Title Δ
javascript scope reference variable -1.30
XPJS (Javascript XPCOM) Documentation? 0.00
Mozilla codebase checkout hangs 0.00
Do we still need end slashes in HTML5? +1.75
Can a local variable's memory be accessed outside its scope? -1.00
serializing a c# string? -0.35
Need Convert Binary file to Txt file +0.61
Load Razor view from db, but ViewBag is broken +2.22
How to know in run time if i'm on x86 or x64 mode in c# -0.36
System.Windows.Controls.TextBox Handle 0.00
Why is every successful QueryInterface() call followed by Release()... -1.55
WPF StackPanel.Resources setter on more than one control type? 0.00
VS2010 reference dll is missing from the list 0.00
Adding basic HTTP auth to a WCF REST service 0.00
Why standard code? +1.21
Windows GUI applications in VisualStudio +0.97
Can I use custom reasons for an HTTP status code to differentiated... -0.94
How to get the content/type of a file at runtime -1.13
LINQ to SQL transaction and read ID of inserted record +1.40
Multithreaded NamePipeServer in C# +0.87
How to get Process Name in C++ -0.61
"delete from table" doesn't delete table? -0.43
In Visual Studio how do I force a build if a component is outdated? 0.00
Creation Date and File.Copy Issue 0.00
WP7 - Passing page checkBox value to other class -2.63
Importing Function From Unmanaged DLL in C# Application -1.51
ERROR: 'object' does not contain a definition for 'methodName' +1.10
Parse plain email address into 2 parts +1.41
Windows Forms form opens in the background if I open an OpenFileDia... +0.30
Efficient way of Writing algorithm +0.31
Seg fault doing new vector<string> -2.09
How to determine whether a file has been closed -0.82
Where to get OpenAL in form of static build? 0.00
overriding equals operator -0.53
Are . and -> in C and C++ really operators? -1.36
How to use BigInteger in VS 2010 +0.63
Unique word count in C++ help? +1.35
LINQ to XML Select Nodes by duplicate child node attributes +0.83
System.Timers.Timer not working every 5 minutes +1.11
a question about this python script! -0.67
In C++, how do you delete (or fill with specific values) a static n... -1.67
Problem deallocating memory +1.36
Is it safe to delete a NULL pointer? -2.04
the way to compare string in an efficient way in C++ +1.00
Native C++ Systray application questions +0.92
Clearing a log file which is in use +1.62
Solution within solutions vs 2010 -0.13
How to open new OpenFileDialog automatically in Vista/Win7? +0.40
Can a project contain other projects with Visual Studio? -0.44
C++ - Big-O Notation +0.09