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1527.86 (20,071st)
270 (416,329th)
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Title Δ
Python cancel async function 0.00
Import function from other file doesn't work 0.00
Quad function returning different values in python 0.00
How to compare each element of multiple lists and return name of li... -0.69
PYTHON: getting all values in a dict inside a list +0.80
Python : Access a JSON element 0.00
Comparing a list and a dict -1.02
Sorting strings in a list based upon arbitrary numbers in the middl... +0.72
How to access the attribute name when using a class as an enum? 0.00
Seperate rows in a dataframe based on custom value? -0.70
One Hot Encoding list of strings -0.04
How to make lists same size by prefixing elements +0.44
How to convert '1,0' to integer -0.50
Is there any function converting a list of tuple to dict with keys... 0.00
Python fetching a single tuple reversed from a dictionary -0.54
Change a global variable that is used as default argument in a deco... +0.45
Replacing elements in list with values from dictionary -0.70
python replace substrings in a string if substring in list // pytho... -1.27
Concatenate characters of string values to the same column values +2.75
Python json normalize API request +0.42
Appending to list of lists -0.63
drop first duplicates from set python and keep only last unique -0.30
random.shuffle only works once +0.49
Build Python dictionary from Pandas columns using loop +2.61
Creating lists where each element is of length i 0.00
String Formating and Passing 0.00
Filter a list according to condition in Python +0.30
Indexing of dictionaries in list +0.48
python3: zip the values of a dictionary +0.83
Splitting a number into a string of separate ints. 'int' ob... -0.55
Checksum using 8 bit unsigned arithmetic in Python 0.00
Why does this recursive ```yield from``` function not raise an error? +0.18
Duplicate Values in Dictionary with given specific key value 0.00
How to create a dictionary with duplicate keys and form a list of d... +0.46
What is wrong with this integer return code? -1.18
Why isn't my inner loop working correctly? +0.41
How can I combine two arrays with special parameters using Python +1.49
How do I check if the given number is the sum of a list slice? +1.66
Fastest way to remove duplicates in a list without importing librar... +0.71
How do I move items from lst1 that are present in lst2 to the end o... +0.75
python: "TypeError: expected str, bytes or os.PathLike object,... 0.00
Basic operations returning complex number +1.59
How to add list items to a dictionary? +0.49
Problem when comparing characters of differnt strings, IndexError:... 0.00
Modifying nested lists items inside a for loop -0.28
Beginner Python question: trouble converting list objects to integers -0.53
How to swap numbers in a python list +1.21
How to extract specific columns without index no. and with all the... 0.00
wrong output. remove element from list1 if exist in list2 +1.15
Putting column values from text file into a list in python -0.24