An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1443.33 (4,407,077th)
3,321 (50,666th)
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Title Δ
Adding masking of part of the string to the input field +0.59
Reduce array objects by key and return a nested object 0.00
Append to iframe src only when options are selected from drop-down -0.21
How do I play a sound depending on which image I click -0.18
Checkbox value cannot be changed based on check or unchecked using... -0.80
Access JSON object based on the value of another JSON object -0.93
Get ID via class name -1.48
jQuery .hide() works, but won't .show() -0.44
merge two arrays including some fields from each +1.44
Using setTimeout() in Angular $rootScope event +0.58
AJAX download not working 0.00
AfterGlowPlayer after setting dynamically data-youtube-id video won... 0.00
Image is not showing up in Whatsapp link 0.00
Need a Javascript regex expression to match a language param in URL -0.45
How to add Custom Thumbnail in Home Page in blogger? 0.00
Get variable contents from string using javascript +0.57
Change chrome extension icon when tab or url changes -0.42
Click-Mouse Leave Event for a JQuery Slide Effect 0.00
Image not respecting parents max height -0.42
jquery not getting the image values on server -0.64
Using JavaScript Math. methods as HTML Canvas .fillRect Co-ordinates +0.58
Select all HTML elements with text +1.49
How to center multiple images +0.26
How to change a style property of element by class name without any... -0.79
Flex column - align div vertically to middle and another div vertic... -0.17
Latin numbers at start of sentences in Arabic 0.00
getComputedStyle returns NULL in Firefox when trying to get value f... 0.00
Set new id using name to input javascript +0.06
Returning elements pushed to Array -0.91
How can I solve "Uncaught ReferenceError: submitForm is not de... 0.00
is there an elegant way to extract the words from this array ["... -0.67
On click get value of this container values -0.60
Content Script fails to run when navigating to a new link 0.00
Buttons are opening the same modal +1.18
Google Ads 403() show_ads_impl.js:240 0.00
How to split with regex in javascript? +0.50
Links not clickable due to JS return false 0.00
can't find correct relative paths of CSS background-image +0.07
JavaScript array cross random number´╝č 0.00
How to sent messege in blogger? 0.00
How to make div width only to fit its content and the next div to f... +0.58
How to use jQuery .get() to store results in separate elements -0.91
jquery show/hide code with checkbox +0.53
Remove class from <a> button after pressing another <a>... -0.45
Triggering click event of parent div -0.73
Jquery run one scrpict file after another file completes +0.03
Passing array[index] to function -1.92
how to check if a string contains a substring from an array of stri... +1.43
HTML5 Audio to play a playlist of local mp3 files 0.00
How to keep only digits without space from a price (remove symbol a... 0.00