An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1514.13 (48,230th)
980 (157,396th)
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Title Δ
WriteFile doesnt work without debug -0.16
C++ techniques for reducing CPU instruction sizes? +3.13
hybrid assembly scalar/vector on Power7 architecture 0.00
While loop not equaling std::queue size +3.87
C++ - strange time mesurements with and without if statement +3.68
- C++ - launch exception with a Timer thread , precision ms 0.00
Cast relatives classes to each other which has common parent class -0.09
x64 rounding inconsistency in cvRound() (_mm_cvtsd_si32) -2.47
time measurement class is slowed down by a string input +0.05
C++ Debug Assertion Failed string arrays -4.17
c++ boost map program crash after erase +3.63
Is it possible to specify a private member variable public only for... +5.63
Multidimensional array: operator overloading -3.89
Why does times give me the same output after sleep(5) in C 0.00
How does array declaration work in C++? +4.07
Function arguments referring to the same variable -2.48
No matching function for call 0.00
How to redirect input stream to output stream in one line? -2.86
Need help solving this loop in MIPS(assembly) 0.00
Benchmarking linefeed characters vs std::endl 0.00
For loop returns ** value. Please explain -0.09
C preprocessor directive to conditionally compile method calls with... -3.54
In c split char* on spaces with strtok function, except if between... -3.30
How do I retrieve file / function / line numbers from a PDB using t... 0.00
`std::string` allocations are my current bottleneck - how can I opt... +3.66
Delete 3D array causes segmentation fault +4.15
Can't detect disconnect without extra readLine() loop -1.16
Difference in performance between MSVC and GCC for highly optimized... +4.44
C++ conversion derived classes +2.05
why my IP address is public but not private? 0.00
Porting old compiler ftol (float to long) function to C 0.00