An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1522.16 (27,296th)
30,819 (3,927th)
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Title Δ
Creating a simplified page for web scrapers 0.00
Remove comma from input type number on javascript 0.00
What regex to use in this case 0.00
How to include swagger-parser in Java program without Maven? 0.00
How to check in Eclipse if a particular library is in Java build pa... 0.00
CSV reader creating problem with special character (“),("),(&#... 0.00
Rest Assured : Failed to parse the JSON document 0.00
advice how to make this code drier than it is now 0.00
Change Time format 0.00
Can't pass spring model value on @click method in vue js 0.00
How to pull all headings textContents out of HTML and make a <ul... 0.00
Looping through each month between two years 0.00
Call JS function from another JS File 0.00
HTML &nbsp character does not provide a color for cursor effect... 0.00
Why is PHP printing my function as a string? -2.17
Apply css to <img> inside <label> when <img> is p... -0.04
Letters are not properly underlined -1.87
How can I set max-width of table columns? -0.99
Extract multiple blocks from a List -0.55
When are onclick, onsubmit etc. in HTML evaluated? Trying to debug... 0.00
typescript / javascript array.filter() with multiple conditions not... +0.46
How can I check a webpage image before displaying it? 0.00
Vanilla JS not this on click event -0.54
Remove duplicate keys in the json that causes by @JsonUnwrapped - R... +0.05
Roboto 'Thin' with Google Fonts +0.47
Separate last row from table -0.45
How do I create a list of objects in Kotlin? +1.98
Javascript open iframe and hide image? +0.42
How to highlight CSS grid cells? -1.25
Style rule that displays the body as a flexbox oriented in the row... -0.04
Table cell width doesnt work for just one cell! How do I fix this? +1.66
Using `display:block` in td tag starts text from the top? I need to... -0.53
How to use transform scale to make letter larger than "bolder&... +0.34
Unable to get value using @Value("${}") from... +0.97
Regex Express Return All Chars before a '/' but if there ar... -1.01
Include Timestamp in mailto: subject 0.00
Eliminate a specific pattern from text 0.00
Create script element with VanillaJS from string which executes +0.47
Integrate Google Search Box (not Custom Search Engine) +0.22
Colspan of css display table did not work +1.32
How to define an IF statement with AND -0.97
how would i get my results to display in a row? -0.10
How to break loop in Thymeleaf +0.05
Email titles not displaying correctly when '&' is in th... 0.00
Text wrapping in the wrong place -1.38
JavaScript Failed to execute 'getComputedStyle' on 'Win... 0.00
HTML table automatically expand last column to occupy remaining width 0.00
CSS multiple columns - paragraphs grouping? 0.00
Detect focus on an input (onfocusin) even id the element does not e... +0.87
JSON response object more organized 0.00