An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1580.04 (2,999th)
57,170 (1,671st)
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Title Δ
Optimising itertools combination with grouped DataFrame and post fi... 0.00
Restrict number of subprocess.Popen 0.00
How to populate the python dictionary object that support multi lin... +1.40
How to replace each new line in file A with the line at the same po... +0.20
How apply api on pandas data frame 0.00
Populate dict values based off relation to pandas column values -1.67
echo 3 statements based wc -l count number returned in output 0.00
Regex Capturing Group -1.25
Pandas extract data into a string from a column +0.89
Flatten list of nested namedtuples to list of dictionaries +0.39
Capitalize a char on iteration, like a marquee in python +1.64
match index notation of file1 to the index of file2 and pull out ma... +1.08
Improve the speed of for loop over a loaded file 0.00
Create small json from larger json 0.00
How to get some string of dataframe column? +0.96
Unix: Modify a line in a file only if it is preceded by a particula... +1.23
How do I make rolling text for a loading screen? -2.12
How to read data from xml file in python -0.79
remove the first duplicate line based on a matched field and keep t... +1.37
pandas read_CSV empty column treated as NaN? +0.15
How to create a dictionary from data -0.01
More elegant way of find a range of repeating elements +0.39
RegEx that checks if a character doesn't exist in a string -1.19
How to show associated headers next to children values? 0.00
Skip first rows from CSV with Python without reading the file -2.34
Append two incremental columns to an existing file. Bash +0.06
how to split pair values in python +1.94
Customize unpack from function python 0.00
python: filter dictionaries with matching string in specific value +1.09
How to convert a pandas dataframe into a list of multiple NamedTuple +0.39
How to find instance of characters in string (not a substring) 0.00
replace strings in column of pandas dataframe from ending with R to... +1.06
Incrementing age and determining if adult with classes and methods 0.00
How to get the someone task's return immediately not until all... 0.00
Create a regex to replace the last occurrence of a character in a s... +0.69
2+ Regex arguments in findall() function using beautiful soup 0.00
How can I prevent duplicates with try and except blocks? -0.11
How to create and increment a value in a dictionary from a list usi... -1.22
cleaning a list to only keep integers 0.00
parse iostat output using awk -1.98
How to filter a nested list for an entry at an specific index? 0.00
Replacing regex with optional pattern +2.13
Multiple awk pattern matching in one line -2.01
Python: pack column values in a list +0.21
Function to find the index of the beginning and end of the longest... -1.80
Smart way to access a string key dictionary with an integer -1.05
Turn a list of lists into a dictionary that can be converted to Json +0.64
sed/awk unix csv file modification +1.69
Pandas columns headers split +1.88
Split a CSV if specific string in row is found (Python/Pandas/Bash) -0.05