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1569.35 (3,862nd)
57,170 (1,670th)
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Title Δ
Counting the number of elements having the same keys in a Python li... 0.00
combine two lists to one dict with keys and values and transform in... 0.00
pythonic way to handle if-else 0.00
How to delete n elements from an array of two nested lists without... 0.00
How to define a custom function of an instance using setattr 0.00
Python how i can divide multiply count of numbers 0.00
If a certain word is not before the search word then add to list py... 0.00
Replace all elements in a list from list of lists -0.35
Python: How to use asyncio with huge csv-files to send asynchronous... 0.00
how to add values to dictionary with same keys in python? 0.00
Efficient way to create dictionary from pandas column with list ent... +0.88
How to create dataframe of tokenized words (columns) per sentence (... +1.48
Sequentially filescraping text files - a smarter way? +1.60
Unable to replace empty values with 0 in a list of tuples with pandas +0.93
Find a specific type of URL when 'n' URLs are provided -1.45
How to check if the number is divisible by another one Python -0.14
How to concatenate many more columns to one column with list format? +0.25
Check if value exists in a dictionary of dictionaries and get the k... -1.50
Adding a list as new column to csv file -0.30
how to use str.replace to clean every row of a column 0.00
Is is possible to maximise the efficiency of my code using NumPy in... -0.11
Transpose pipe-separated csv in python -0.59
How can I pass parts of a list to different variables? -2.93
How to select pandas series rows based on length of index name? -0.18
Cannot remove duplicates from a list using Python -0.61
Saving output to two csv columns -0.71
How to use extended regular expression in python? -0.91
Is there a better way to merge items of a tuple that has a sublist... +0.10
How to extract 1st, 2nd and last instance of a string from a given... +0.87
Extracting the last statement in []'s (regex) -0.31
Extracting deigits with comma inside before exact match python regex? +2.15
dataframe.idxmax() - first N occurences +0.14
Counting items in pandas column of dictionaries -0.43
What command just check for existence of an xpath in an html file b... 0.00
If item within list in pandas column is a dictionary key, replace w... +0.39
How do I swap first and last names with a comma and add a new column? +0.84
How to speed up python execution? Multiprocessing is not working 0.00
Quickest way to get the min and max from a list of lists of lists i... -0.61
How to collect and move data from a Json link to pandas Dataframe u... 0.00
How to run 10 python programs simultaneously? -1.21
Is there a magic method in python for when a class is being evaluat... +0.35
Remove all lines before specific string starts python -1.34
Registry pattern with __init_subclass__ and sub-classable registry 0.00
What is the easiest way of finding the characters of a string after... +1.01
Output object of two json files with two filters using jq -1.71
How to call variable of the upper class in inner class? -0.61
How to Scrap Different Class names which has same pattern 0.00
trying to split a string using re.sub and split method 0.00
Itertools groupby: group list of lists by first two values of subli... -0.51
Groupby when given the start positional index of each group +1.16