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1489.80 (4,295,771st)
4,243 (39,305th)
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Title Δ
why am i get the segmentaion fault in Arm Assembly str instruction 0.00
Does Intel MKL or some similar library provide a vectorized way to... 0.00
Problem with running a function in 2 threads in C +0.52
Reconstruct an IEEE754 floating point binary from a fixed point int... 0.00
OpenCV float vs double in non image basic structures 0.00
Reverse engineering math functions +0.55
SIMD reduce 4 vectors without hadd 0.00
Prioritization of pthread_rwlock? 0.00
Interpreting Absurdly-Low Measured Latency in Careful Profile (Supe... -1.48
Can (a==1 && a==2 && a==3) ever evaluate to true in... -1.05
Different assembly when initializing an array with a string literal 0.00
Implement XOR in terms of ADD, SUB, AND and branch on equal / not-e... +2.06
convert C code to MIPS assembly - combination function using recurs... +2.41
LFENCE is really useless vs. Spectre #2? 0.00
C : Passing auto variable by reference +0.18
Issue of precision when coding discrete distribution in c 0.00
I do *not* want correct rounding for function exp +0.51
What's wrong with this C code? The child is not returning? 0.00
Possible to read a whole file by fseek()ing to SEEK_END and obtaini... 0.00
SSE to Neon (_mm_movelh_ps) 0.00
Shuffle elements in AVX register 0.00
unique element/s for array in every row -1.28
Very fast way to check set bit in C +1.07
Summing up array elements using OpenMP is not working correctly for... 0.00
signal handler in child thread -1.04
Segmentation fault on properly allocated array 0.00
Can memcpy be used for type punning? +1.49
What is the cache's role when writing to memory? 0.00
How can I allocate more stack in my program's death throes? +1.88
Variables in memory -0.37
C fixed size array treated as variable size +2.09
gsl Error in inifinite integration interval. bad integrand behavior... +0.03
Why does summing floats into an int temporary run so much slower th... 0.00
Recursive C function +1.53
Recursive listing of directories and files C 0.00
Is the C11 formal definition of restrict consistent with implementa... +2.04
pointer to pointer for struct +1.50
C: how to open a socket? +0.69
Using IPC to redirect stdin within a while loop 0.00
Fast byte-wise replace if +1.75
gcc won't vectorize simple loop 0.00
Program crashes when inserting an item into a tree +0.52
Bus error (core dumped) when using strcpy to a mmap'ed file 0.00
Unroll loop and do independent sum with vectorization 0.00
Recursive factorial subroutine in x64 assembly gives stack overflow 0.00
C - String being changed by function unintentionally +0.54
Why pushing double on the stack with two 32s bits pushes can be a l... 0.00
random double free or corruption (out) C 0.00
Cancel blocking `poll`? +0.08
Is there a difference between spawning multiple threads that runs t... +1.90