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Florin Ghita

1520.75 (30,410th)
15,811 (8,856th)
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Title Δ
/*+ APPEND_VALUES */ or /*+ APPEND*/ , which one is efficient one f... -1.52
Oracle SQL: Getting text between two sentences 0.00
Oracle Query optimization for huge table for report -0.58
Relational Division - Mimicking 'ONLY IN' +0.14
How to display rows in nested format when matches multiple rows wit... 0.00
Select n'th row using ROWNUM Oracle 0.00
How to create a user in Oracle that could only view the source code... -0.03
how to give priority to particular record in oracle? -1.98
Copy of Deleted Record - Trigger or other way -0.32
Query to search all packages where a particular lookup is used 0.00
Count percent of records among similar records -0.50
Is the Else part of Case When statement ignored in PL/SQL? +0.46
oracle table partition to have the latest record in one partition -0.51
Select all where a range of date is in a range of date -1.14
Oracle order. First letters and after numbers 0.00
How to duplicate all db from db link 0.00
Insert value based on min value greater than value in another row -0.54
multiple Unique Key in oracle is not working? 0.00
UniX shell script and PLSQL 0.00
Get Row Count Along With Table Columns 0.00
How to delete 3 billion rows from 2 related tables +2.06
Display data in the column as a row +2.54
How to substring version value using sed? -0.23
Oracle get the last date for one month -1.58
Oracle: Replace multiple string occurrences -1.68
SQL crosstab query for numeric attribute 0.00
How to count consecutive duplicates in a table? +1.42
How can I use AND condition using array parameter in a query +1.50
Unable to use sub-partitioned column in query plan (oracle) 0.00
how not to replace "]" when using regex_replace for remov... -0.01
Oracle - how to see how many blocks have been used in a table 0.00
Join Two COUNT() in one SQL Query +0.47
oracle partition active condition on table +1.79
SQL Two tables, need to pull depending on what data is in each +1.03
SQL developer Query -0.25
save result in new table sql +2.05
how do i make the sql query work faster +0.45
Oracle return rows only if all join conditions match -0.99
Oracle query to fetch missing value in a table -0.15
oracle query to retrieve the date of the highest value which are gr... -0.03
sql HR schema making a line appear once 0.00
SQL: Difference in amounts between rows and columns +1.24
Function the return number by using dynamic sql -0.19
Comparing two comma delimited strings -1.12
Whats the performance of querying in dual on Oracle 11g +1.09
Which all reasons can cause index to go into unusable state in oracle 0.00
Select specific group of records with GROUP BY and MAX(DATE) +0.44
how to create trigger on derived table? -1.05
Oracle SQL CASE expression in WHERE clause only when conditions are... -0.37
In oracle, how to 'group by' properties that are in comma s... -0.51