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Vicente Botet Escriba

1490.19 (4,413,067th)
3,602 (46,685th)
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Title Δ
boost::mutex::timed_lock not on Linux 0.00
Mixing boost mutexes with native threads? 0.00
using boost condition variable -3.45
Use of BOOST thread attributes causes bind compile error -3.96
boost::shared_ptr and nullptr in default template function argument +0.89
EXC BAD ACCESS in boost::thread join 0.00
Inaccuracy in std::chrono::high_resolution_clock? 0.00
what is c++ portable analog of c# AutoResetEvent/ManualResetEvent? 0.00
Adapt Boost Thread / Process for non supported plattform 0.00
C++11 reentrant class locking strategy +0.02
Using boost::chrono without linking to it 0.00
How to compile boost_thread with "-pthread" instead of &q... 0.00
compile boost 1.51.0 on centos6.0 final 64bit 0.00
performance difference of boost::mutex and boost::timed_mutex 0.00
boost thread error 0.00
Disabling unit-test compilation in Boost.Build 0.00
boost::future - Is wait_callback guaranteed to only be invoked once? 0.00
Boost chrono run_timer undefined reference +0.70
What is the cost of compiling a C program with a C++ compiler? +1.04
How to make negate_unary work with any type? -3.81
A map and set which uses contiguous memory and has a reserve function -0.25
Do I need to delete my buffer after sending it into boost::asio::bu... +4.63
How to build Boost with C++0x support? +4.11
Is there a Boost (or other common lib) type for matrices with strin... -2.25
C++ boost function overloaded template -1.81
How to interrupt a waiting C++0x thread? 0.00
How to use boost::fusion::transform on heterogeneous containers? -3.97
Boost multi_index ordered_unique Median Value +3.69
How to use boost::bind with non-copyable params, for example boost:... -0.05
C++0x thread interruption +2.60
Detect if class has overloaded function fails on Comeau compiler 0.00
How to implement fluent interface with a base class, in C++ -1.96
boost::asio::local::stream_protocol::iostream does not work? -3.96
C++ performance, optimizing compiler, empty function in .cpp -2.99
decltype, result_of, or typeof? -4.12
Why is C++0x's `noexcept` checked dynamically? +4.38
Could I ever want to access the address zero? -2.69
Is my method for avoiding dynamic_cast<> faster than dynamic_... +1.42
Using boost unordered map +0.10
Modelling boost::Lockable with semaphore rather than mutex (previou... +0.52
Modelling boost::Lockable with semaphore rather than mutex (previou... +0.52
"pseudo-atomic" operations in C++ -2.38
C++ parent class alignment +3.94
What libraries use design patterns implemented with compile-time me... -2.92
Can I use Boost's format library to replace iostream? +3.18
How often do you implement the big three? -2.57
Is there any boost-independent version of boost/tr1 shared_ptr -1.57
How to iterate over modifed std::map values? +3.93
Boost ASIO async_write "Vector iterator not dereferencable" +0.01
A question about TBB/C++ code +1.60