An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1424.74 (4,190,800th)
16,070 (8,652nd)
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Title Δ
Java Type Inference in Static Methods -0.31
How to create join table record in Rails, has many: through relatio... +0.09
Exclude rows based on column value when second column value is found -0.08
Trouble with a "simple" linq query -0.05
Regex c# abbreviation with repetition -0.42
$.post() doesn't work if there's a re-direct after it: window.locat... +0.61
ASP.NET MVC4 bundles do not exist in release build 0.00
Add ellements do beginning of jQuery collection -1.09
Getting latest entries from the revision table in mysql -0.11
How to make sure that values written in a textfield are the same us... +0.11
How to determine the order from a controller -0.67
Sql Calculate Average -0.22
Javascript variable comparison -0.37
pass dynamic data to a view function MVC +0.61
How to generate 100 random 3 digit numbers in java? -0.65
Why HttpContext.Current.Request.AppRelativeCurrentExecutionFilePath... 0.00
Getting record data into class in Delphi +0.10
Rails validates a field that isn't included in page +0.03
Delete all rows except (my query) +0.62
get first occurrence of element in each occurrence of parent element -0.57
Is it possible to declare several 'for' loop terminations in Java? +0.19
Doing a join after a select MYSQL +1.52
extract top 10 from results without modifying the actual query +2.22
SQL Where Clause with Joined Table - OR works, but AND Doesn't -0.11
How would I write this in a MS Access query? +0.10
Refresh Image onload with Javascript? 0.00
How to send an email with authentication "none"? +0.33
Why is ValidationSummary(true) displaying an empty summary for prop... 0.00
Rails console 'y' helper returns NameError rather than yaml-formatt... 0.00
SQL Group by multiple columns -0.41
jQuery .append once at a time only (currently occurs multiple times) -0.61
Where is SVN caching the hostname? +0.23 grdiview: can i format the dataitems in an itemtemplate? +0.43
Can we declare variables in app.config file -0.73
ASP.NET MVC action filters: Setting the filterContext.Result in a f... -0.39
checking at least one radio button is selected from each group (wit... -1.39
PHP: using variable in another switch case -0.40
Learning simple programming conventions +2.44
ASP.NET MVC many to many model on client side -0.33
Can this SQL query be made to run any faster? 0.00
Are email addresses allowed to contain non-alphanumeric characters? +2.61
PHP List Explode Variable +0.10
SQL for MS Access: Another question about COUNT, JOIN, 0s and Dates -0.41
Stored Procedure with conditional results -1.19
ASP.NET - A question about pages URL like: article200,view.html +0.07
Rails relational table with multiple id's from the same table -0.39
speed up sql INSERTs -1.44
ASP.NET MVC URL Routing problem 0.00
Is there any software made by microsoft using .NET? -0.98
who wrote 250k tests for webkit? -0.03