An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Zoli Szabó

1517.01 (38,767th)
1,683 (98,180th)
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Title Δ
mt_rand math numbers +0.48
Wrong decimal numeric value with init value (Inputmask JQuery) 0.00
PHP - Type Hint A More Specific Type When Implementing An Interface 0.00
How to use Masonry with "columnWidth" in Chrome? 0.00
How to trim array elements inside an array? +2.41
Convert CSV to Objects -1.02
Php switch to interface 0.00
treat php as html locally (opera) -0.02
Clone on click does not produce new DOM element +2.91
Adding a namespace to the top of my PHP functions page results in t... 0.00
How to hide the "type" element 0.00
.htaccess parent folder is not completely overwritten 0.00
Add vertical and horizontal line to a div (representing a bracket)... +2.77
Is it possible to display HTML in windows notification center -0.04
Cannot wrap divs correctly with nextUntil() -0.91
Why is a function being passed in? 0.00
How to detect addEventlistener when html page is already opened via... +0.17
$_GET['id'] returning null when passing URL with id 0.00
I have problem when showing post in loop using WP_Query in Wordpress +1.96
jquery delay toggle searchbar +0.49
How to declare const without an assignment but assign in a function 0.00
Apache doesn't seem to be detecting my .htaccess file -0.15
file_put_contents saving different timestamp to server 0.00
Displaying estimated upload time to upload a folder in Amazon S3 bu... 0.00
Why does WooCommerce Order Shortcode Generate Plugin Notice on Cust... 0.00
Getting woocommerce product attributes url to display on product pa... 0.00
How to setup VSCode launch.json for Xdebug version 3.0? +0.49
Morris.js with format number in brazilian currency 0.00
How to validate dimensions and format of an image URL in PHP? -0.50
json data, get the lowest price, but dont know parent label 0.00
WordPress session keeps refreshing inconsistently +0.49
PHP Rest Api multiple paramaters how to send with curl 0.00
PHP namespaces, already in namespace? 0.00
Php, using a count in an array 0.00
Use function of namespace A in function of namespace B 0.00
convert array inside a file (fetch by file_get_contents) into actua... 0.00
How to pass variable using post method? +0.48
Integrate Composer with existing project autoloader 0.00
How does bundle size affects performance? -1.79
Unable to share image and title with url on facebook through my web... 0.00
syntax error, unexpected 'Request' (T_STRING), expecting fu... -0.48
Unknown get_image function error in Timber Twig file -0.24
Returning an object of one of two types 0.00
PHP Warning: Module 'gd' already loaded in Unknown on line 0 0.00
Symfony - Exception message based on result -0.49
wordpress login wp-login.php change url 0.00
Calling PHP Script in ASP.NET forms 0.00
How to put variables in numerical order -0.03
php_id3.dll for PHP can not be find 0.00
How to use a python script in a backend? 0.00