An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1427.30 (4,190,676th)
14,471 (9,788th)
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Title Δ
How to read different contents from a text file 0.00
ItemsControl not showing items +2.66
Style resource depending on string variable +0.92
Justified Alignment and Centering woes in WPF ItemsControl -0.04
split string to get an necessary string +1.39
What is the best and simplest file type to use to read and run a pi... +0.43
Find Active/Open Tab In WPF 0.00
ReactiveUI 6 instant search (MVVM) 0.00
How to make a method accessable to only one class? 0.00
Barcode scanner in Windows Phone 8 0.00
Checking if directory exists using batch file +0.06
Possible to ignore the initial value for a ReactiveObject? +0.62
Connect to WWAN modem +0.58
How to display backspace, shift, etc symbols in onscreen keyboard i... +0.10
Is there a time function its result is guaranteed to change every t... -1.11
How can I set a value for TextBox.FontFamily property? 0.00
Canvas with shape on it - MouseUp events fire on both of them when... 0.00
Why unused code should be deleted? +0.69
Position WPF Window relative to the calling button 0.00
Best way to store data for various ui elemnts on screen -0.65
KeyEventArgs.Key to char 0.00
WPF wrong KeyDown ASCII codes +2.73
C# AutoCheck Function +0.10
Removing an image source after x seconds -1.08
Loop through folder of images and show images one by one 0.00
Synchronising brush backgrounds of two controls +0.12
C++ reactive extensions learning resources 0.00
How to create a WPF Window without a border that can be resized? -0.39
Topshelf vs sc.exe vs Windows Service project type +2.45
simple constructor issue +0.01
Which C# library allows reliable SVG to PDF conversion? +0.13
Flowchart Control for WPF -0.22
is programming with serial port easier than usb? +0.09
How can a program remember the time it was last run? -1.48
WPF cannot find control types defined in other assemblies +0.59
Why does C# allow an *implicit* conversion from Long to Float, when... +1.08
Command Prompt Won't Change Directory +2.67 mvc 4 get visitors quantity -0.39
how to highlight the currently typed text of textbox in wpf +0.21
A more elegant way to write decision making code which evaluates mu... -0.39
How to restart window service after a particular time +0.11
Configuration SearchPattern in EnumerateFiles -0.12
"is" c# multiple options -0.74
Tool to pull financial data from a website? +0.46
Is it possible to trace file operations with .NET? -0.83
Getting current date from clock -0.80
What is the order of magnitude of the maximum number of recursive c... -0.20
MVC and Export to Excel 0.00
How to create tab-able content in WPF/C#? -0.14
extract characters from image -0.60