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Ferrakkem Bhuiyan

1463.63 (4,526,205th)
2,093 (80,423rd)
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Title Δ
_OBJC_CLASS_$_ShellTask error on objective-c project 0.00
How do we connect MySql database in SpringBoot? +0.05
mysql fetch result group by column name -1.29
how to retrieve table records from tables table? +0.04
How to use "IN" with "CASE Statement" in WHERE... 0.00
SQL select date range by month and year -0.59
mysql can't be opend or restarted 0.00
linux java mysql source command Unknown database -0.44
Swift - How to init an array in struct? -0.14
TimeZone current doesn't work 0.00
How to use switch with enum for string -0.43
Detect Orientation of iPad - Swift Playgrounds 0.00
UICollectionView select and deselect +1.35
Disable/enable NSMenu item +0.02
Invalid Swift Support - The file libswiftCore.dylib doesn’t have th... +0.55
How to make Singleton in Swift +0.07
Why image is not in UIButton, when using that code? -0.02
How UITextField move to next TextField When Click on Return Key in... -0.23
How to write closure used in swift to objective c? -0.45
UISearchbar on KeyPress Trigger a Method 0.00
How to check if a file is empty avoid reading the whole file in a s... +0.50
How to remove particular key in Firebase using Objective-C? 0.00
How to connect mysql from php code? 0.00
xmpp 'libxml/xmlversion.h' file not found in xcode 7.1 0.00
How to add text input in alertview of ios 8? +0.22
iOS9 App Transport Security +0.09
How to make sample regular FaceTime call in iOS 0.00
Change UIAlertController selected button color -0.81
Getting user's Personal info from FacebookSDK in iOS -0.01
How to safely insert data to mysql using php pdo +0.46
i want to add background image in Jframe +0.05
Email verifications for iphone -0.46
Use of an abstract class in Java -0.23
how delegates works and delegates work flow in objective-c -0.45
PHP-MYSQL connection not working +0.04
Calling PHP function wth HTML button +0.03
MySQL dates between start and end dates of event -0.99
How to connect to mysql database +0.18
upload and show(select) video in php -0.50
how can i insert date interval on mysql +0.04
How can I move a file to a non-empty directory? +2.21
How to get the selected date from jquery datepicker -0.22
Textfield show console result 0.00
How to read an input file in java +0.74
Solved - Converting array to string +2.73
comma separated string javascript +0.15
show time in HH:MM only in this javascript code +0.22
How to compare properties in backbone.js? +0.06
mod_rewrite on apache - language parameter 0.00
Call function on submit button click -0.32