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Jeff Garrett

1561.70 (5,295th)
942 (162,642nd)
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Title Δ
Allow implicit type conversion during template evaluation +3.26
C++ Safely and Efficiently Casting std::weak_ordering to int +6.13
How to specify a custom class conforms to a standard or custom type... -4.49
Rust function pointer Contravariant +4.12
How is output lifetime of a function calculated? -3.69
What is the best way to use PathBuf in a command call in Rust? +3.97
Singletons that outlive main 0.00
Extract signature from callable type +1.22
C++ casting a derived subclass into another derived subclass +4.22
Behaviour of uninitialized C++ structs 0.00
Rationale behind deleting lambda assignment operator? 0.00
C++17 class template argument deduction not working in initializer... 0.00
The implicit instantiation for a member class template when the spe... +3.47
Forwarding parameters to lambda for for subsequent asynchronous call +4.33
Invalid initialization of type using class templates 0.00
How to swap smart pointers when one is const +4.11
Which compiler is right about inline static members of template par... 0.00
In Rust, what's the pattern for when you need a reference-holdi... +4.22
Idiomatic ways to prevent copying non-primitive types 0.00
How can I determine if I have a unique Arc when it's dropped? -1.69
(non-boost) ASIO `Operation aborted` error 0.00
Why cannot I use methods on brace-style macro expression in return... 0.00
Constexpr check if static_cast of pointers between two hierarchical... 0.00
Why do Rust lifetimes matter when I move values into a spawned Toki... 0.00
Why does enabling undefined behaviour sanitization interfere with o... -0.35
Does C++20 offer any new solutions to the problem of public member... 0.00
Dynamic ad hoc polymorphism in C++ 0.00
Generic function to compute a hash (digest::Digest trait) and get b... +4.46
Why operator () is called twice in my program? +3.69
Is a function definition required to be instantiated when there is... 0.00
How can I use a structured binding to copy a tuple-like object with... 0.00
Logically yet illegaly uninitialized variable in Rust -0.91
How to convert a generic function into a function pointer with a re... 0.00
Is this understanding correct: trait and function overloading both... 0.00
cv-qualifiers and rvalue-reference +3.75
Why do we need default generated destructor 0.00
Convert compile-time constant vector to heap-allocated version +2.67
Why would anyone prefer static strategy over the dynamic one? 0.00
C++: using class with explicit operator bool overloaded +4.97
understanding how zip in range-v3 works +3.89
how to use an interface to force a generic datatype from a template... -0.20
C++11 condition variable semantics 0.00
What is __lll_lock_wait_private and what can cause a hang while mal... 0.00
const_cast of a static member vector of objects 0.00
Is this a bug in how Clang implements __builtin_memcmp? +4.36
Is this "elision failure" language-mandated? -2.89
How can I determine the return type of a functor which takes that t... +1.17
With new move semantics, when should you not use a reference in sco... 0.00
propagate_const of const unique_ptr -4.62
Suppose we have two std::vectors v1 and v2 and we dont want to comb... +1.25