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1450.59 (4,405,556th)
42,661 (2,541st)
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Title Δ
Swift Userdefaults converting String to __NSCFString 0.00
How to tell LLVM how big of heap to start with? 0.00
How to handle security certificate expired scenario in the REST call? 0.00
New stored property always returns nil | iOS Swift 0.00
Swift: completion handler after network request 0.00
Why does my object get overwritten in C++? 0.00
Understanding iOS application lifecycle 0.00
When should I use Thread but DispatchQueue on iOS? 0.00
What does "algorithm problem size" actually mean? 0.00
How to resolve 'duplicate symbol for architecture x86_64' f... 0.00
RungeKutta4 N-body simulation 0.00
Is there any way to make a function run before a dataSource fucntion? 0.00
iOS push doesn't work when building from xcode 0.00
How to find the origin of a function call that is leading to crash... 0.00
Swift variables: best way to handle this string declaration? 0.00
Why do we need Termination Character In C 0.00
Problem with bool variables sharing the same values in an if else c... 0.00
Cannot assign value of type 'String' to type '[String]&... 0.00
Attempting to use the forward class 'NSManagedObjectModel'... 0.00
Why does division by 3 require a rightshift (and other oddities) on... 0.00
What is the correct way to read a file content to wchar_t (4Bytes)... 0.00
List of Swift Data Types 0.00
Xcode skips if else statement 0.00
How does double data type change the answer compared to int, by a h... 0.00
How to create an inline conditional assignment in Objective-C? 0.00
Can I use Pushkit to wake app up in iOS 13? 0.00
Does UserDefaults.set append or replace if there is existing data f... 0.00
NSLayout Constraint inside UIStackView Unable to simultaneously sat... 0.00
Can i program an AI that reads what is on the screen and then does... 0.00
How to run tns run ios on device? 0.00
I'm getting the error: "Type doesn't conform to protoc... 0.00
Can not convert umlauts (Ü Ö Ä ü ö ä... 0.00
how can i improve multithreading efficiency? 0.00
Why is the time complexity of the brute solution of nearestPalindro... 0.00
Generally, How do I prevent integer overflow from happening in C la... 0.00
Thread 1: Fatal error: Unexpectedly found nil while implicitly unwr... 0.00
Why does stdatomic.h contain atomic_uint_least16_t and atomic_uint_... 0.00
How do you write and read an abstract class pointer to a file in c++? 0.00
formatting problem, why is this error not going away? 0.00
what will happen if i implement multi threading on a system that al... 0.00
Why is my solution for Super Reduced String(HackerRank) question wo... -1.23
What is the equation to generate `5,3,1,3,5` in sequence? -0.40
C for loop, supposed to be able to omit initialization inside loop... -0.25
Nested Async functions in for loops 0.00
Why does switching the order of for loops significantly change the... 0.00
Do all programming languages store the output of function calls? 0.00
Sectioning a tableview by dates from a dictionary -1.01
Is there any good algorithm implementation that can find nearest ne... +2.85
In practice, why would different compilers compute different values... +0.27
In practice, why would different compilers compute different values... -0.96