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1484.57 (4,348,425th)
703 (204,946th)
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Title Δ
AngularJS: How to excecute a ng-init after an interval 0.00
PHP need advice better method CodeIgniter Framework 0.00
Error time out, Upload excel file with excel_reader in codeigniter 0.00
how to safe and encryte to protect datas in PHP, Codeigniter? 0.00
Javascript Algorithm to get the excel-like column name -2.27
Not giving access to certain method in controller when session is n... +0.01
MYSQL not accepting whitespaces -4.05
Insert a table inside another with one field different +1.42
How can I use methods from a different class in Java? +0.09
User user = userService.getCurrentUser(); throws a NullPointerExcep... 0.00
Transferring the data printed by NG-repeat in one html to another h... +0.08
How does @autowired annotation works for a private field? -1.83
Is there a tool to clean up a CSS stylesheet? 0.00
PHP Mail correct headers for hotmail +1.48
How to load local file in new tab? +0.45
codeignter send id and get database values without refresh +0.62
display data in the drop down menu -1.92
.htaccess file works at localhost or not ?? if yes How? 0.00
session to automatically appear in url +0.20
MySQL Job failed to start 0.00
Merge MySQL multiple table delete statements 0.00
having problems with mysql statement where and or based on user input +0.15
1064 syntax error in mysql -1.77
php mail going missing 0.00
How to call Database Class in Expression Engine? 0.00
PHP Mysql sorting by date -0.67
calculating completed task ratio +0.91
Group data based on a field and extract the different values in PHP -3.25
How to retrieve details for a particular id from MYSQL database -2.91
PHP redirect works whether its at top of page or not? -1.45
calling meta tags through php +0.08
Pass all values of an array to a function as arguments -0.01
How to add this data to array ? Json -1.73
Error using mysql_query() in PHP +1.85
simple login form using php -0.89