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Benjamin W.

1597.68 (1,720th)
22,381 (6,102nd)
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Title Δ
Paste bash command, but make sure it doesn't run 0.00
Use regexp in bash to obtain substring of string 0.00
Get the line number of the first line matching second pattern 0.00
What does this entry in my server's crontab do? 0.00
"Permission denied" when manipulating bash variable strin... 0.00
Get string from variable lists in Bash 0.00
Why can't I access the file I received from the output of "... 0.00
Can I add file names next to the line count value to its specific f... 0.00
Convert date format in file on specific column from +"%Y-%m-%d... 0.00
Converting \u003c to < character with linux tools 0.00
How to convert parts of a line to uppercase in a file 0.00
Bash list comprehension or map 0.00
Enclosing a block of text in quotation marks (or any other couple o... 0.00
Is sed auto in-place substitution? 0.00
How to find text files with nothing but a pattern on a single line... 0.00
How to programmically change "/test/unit/python/"... 0.00
How to remove a file called * (asterisk) without using quotations? 0.00
I need a script to replace old libraries with newer library in all... 0.00
Apply string substitutions line by line 0.00
How to do minimal disk I/O on 'search and replace' of 20k t... 0.00
Getting the right file extension after converting multiple files wi... 0.00
Trimming bash string for aws ecr repo 0.00
$BASH_VERSION reports old version of bash on macOS, is this a probl... 0.00
Why does the exit status check in my Bash prompt function also eval... 0.00
Cycling through multiple lists in shell for loop 0.00
How to remove all but first character before dot 0.00
RegEx for matching a string before a year1 0.00
Convert CSV to array in Bash 0.00
Strange behaviour with double pipe operator and python virtualenv 0.00
Git bash doesn't recognize 'rev' command 0.00
How can I reliably parse git branch output to capture just the bran... 0.00
How to modify each line of a text? 0.00
Using value inside a variable without expanding 0.00
Bash script: max,min,sum - many sources as parameter 0.00
How to merge vertically two strings obtained through grep? 0.00
Log output of date and ansiweather on the same line 0.00
Copy value from previous line using awk/sed 0.00
Remove some files based on filename 0.00
Case insensitive search between two strings in file 0.00
Remove part between two patterns in bash 0.00
Find and replace string and print file directory on change 0.00
How do I add an element separated from a string to another array? 0.00
Two different file references in bash for loops simultaneously 0.00
Output multiple converted files to custom directory using textutil 0.00
Why would sed have trouble seeing my PS1 prompt? 0.00
Add substring to a string in bash 0.00
Using regex in bash scripting 0.00
How can I give all words from one file to 'tr' for searchin... 0.00
How do I check with an if statement what's inside two parenthes... 0.00
Moving matching lines in a text file using sed -0.24