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Benjamin W.

1589.86 (2,194th)
22,381 (5,873rd)
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Title Δ
How do I input from statement in bash script? 0.00
while loop to echo variable until empty in Bash 0.00
How can I get the mount point of my USB drive without using awk? 0.00
cd to parent directory without knowing absolute path to it -1.75
Replace spaces with ~ in (ba)sh with no external command +1.70
Get value when line has same delimiters multiple times -1.03
Reading key-value pair in Bash where value contains delimiter +1.99
Invalid parameters using find and csplit -0.62
Edit stderr before writing it to file together with stdout -1.33
How to increment numbers in bash script? -0.62
How to retrieve the variable name “apple” in "FRUIT=apple"... -0.31
Unexpected EOF while looking for matching `)' in a shell script +0.37
How to create a string=$* without arguments $1 and $2 -0.36
Using "comm" to find matches between two arrays +0.39
"which python" keeps showing python2 path after changing... 0.00
Match group of files, excluding one specific file, in Bash -0.95
Print everything before relevant symbol and keep 1 character after... -0.55
How to separate bash prompt + command from output with a blank line? 0.00
Bash script to replace characters at the end of a string +1.86
Parameter Substitution replace with Alternation (OR) | 0.00
Using bash to insert data from array into file at specific location 0.00
Need to move 500 specific files from one share directory to another +0.39
How to parse my bash output into an array? -1.38
Can I view in which mode I am while using vi-mode for terminal (xte... 0.00
How can I make a bash command to check out the latest version of a... 0.00
How to display the most recent file when the user is asked to input... 0.00
How to delete lines with a duplicate numbers -1.13
Can't print a field called "end" using jq 0.00
grep -v no longer excluding pattern after migration -2.61
echo the exact command-line passed to a command with visible quotes -1.39
How can I get the difference between a date/time string and the cur... 0.00
Error in jq manual `jq '.[2:4]' <<< abcdefghi`? 0.00
How to take the first field of each line from a text file and execu... -0.64
How can I make tab completion for my Git alias behave like an exist... 0.00
How to re-sort an indexed array of associative arrays, based on the... +0.36
How can I deobfuscate this shell script? +0.09
How can I increment an infix variable in Bash? -1.46
How does this command substitution with "cat" work? +1.08
How can I append a file n times and number the blocks using sed? +1.06
How can I assign a random line from a text file to a variable? -0.48
How can I store the output of "top" instead of having it... 0.00
Delete text between second pair of brackets but not first 0.00
Bash: Split a single line of output with spaces into multiple lines... -0.37
Unable to invoke function as parameter in bash 0.00
Paste bash command, but make sure it doesn't run +0.42
Use regexp in bash to obtain substring of string +1.17
Get the line number of the first line matching second pattern +0.42
What does this entry in my server's crontab do? -0.63
"Permission denied" when manipulating bash variable strin... 0.00
Get string from variable lists in Bash -1.86