An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1481.50 (4,490,736th)
7,576 (20,959th)
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Title Δ
incomplete FTP transfer 0.00
How to turn tabs into blockquotes using perl regex -1.31
How to get stack trace for all warnings? 0.00
Convert text with unicode to HTML entities 0.00
Remove formatting from all spaces in Word document 0.00
How to sanitize string for unix filename? -0.99
How to do bitwise compare of two hex strings? -3.37
How to check whether variable is in list? -4.03
Simple way to use concurrent threads in perl? 0.00
What does $mech->xpath() return using WWW::Mechanize::Firefox? 0.00
How to match only vertical tab? -2.50
Mechanize not dealing with cookies like a browser does -2.61
How to emulate javascript in Mechanize? 0.00
How to convert from utf8 to iso-8859-1 in perl 0.00
Detect language of Word document -0.05
How to send file via HTTP from .NET app to PHP web page? 0.00
Error 6124 with Word automation 0.00
Best way to substitute empty string for DBNull? +4.94
CompactDatabase with dbEncrypt returns "3001: Invalid argument... +5.12
How to avoid evaluation of all of 'iif' expression? -3.42
How to prevent aborting of thread due to app termination? +0.78
How to insert text into TextBox at cursor point? +4.12
How to stop running Timer? -1.65
How to send date value as POST parameter? -4.46
How to use contents of DataRow? -0.12
How to catch specific OleDbException? -3.44
Underyling form disappearing but only if dialog shown 0.00
How to check whether column in table contains any of a set of values? 0.00
How to get a command to appear in right-click menu in VS2005? +0.01
Calendar control showing long DayLength suddenly 0.00
How to use embedded resource to copy file without ever making a loc... 0.00
How to convert CheckBox to boolean? 0.00
Install Dotnet after installing own package in installshield? +0.44
Should app invoked by shortcut to network drive .EXE avoid JET rela... 0.00
Using VB6, how can I check whether a sub-string is at the beginning... -3.79
How to load text file into string using VB6 -0.15
How do loop through and open *.frm files in VB6? 0.00
Visual Basic 6 on Win7 64bit: Will developed program run on 32-bit... -2.08
document template in vb6? 0.00
Win7 problem with VB6 ocx registration 0.00
Registering .OCX and DLL files using VB6 Package and Deployment Wiz... 0.00
Delphi: Is Ms Jet 4.0 still a good choice to develop Desktop Databa... 0.00
.NET: How does the use of components in .NET differ to pre-.NET? +0.05
How to keep an old VB6 application running in Windows Vista and Win... 0.00
Native VB 6 Replacements for Sheridan 3d controls (like ssCommand,... 0.00
Is there any downside to putting VB6 dependent files in app directo... 0.00
Convert UTC/GMT time to local time 0.00