An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1496.37 (3,943,704th)
1,347 (118,972nd)
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Title Δ
Get the sum of a map in Reactor Mono 0.00
Items within NestedScrollView need to be clicked twice after scroll... 0.00
How to implement android RESTful client with Robospice (or somethin... 0.00
Memory leak - Android activities held by android.os.Message 0.00
Best data structure for finding nearby xyz points by distance? +4.15
When to use a treap -2.65
building a test program in java -0.10
Database storage design of large amounts of heterogeneous data -0.81
How to refresh ListView so that the selected item becomes fully vis... 0.00
Can't figure out this algorithm (recursive) on Trie operation +0.59
A user ranking model -1.75
Design for testability in C++ 0.00
Objective C Load PDF file in UIWebView 0.00
What is the difference between the Facade and Adapter Pattern? -0.03
Python - a clean approach to this problem? -3.66
Is it best practice to try - catch my entire PHP code, or be as spe... -1.49
How to calculate a subnet mask from IP address? +2.27
where can I get these kind of exercises to solve? -0.15