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Avinash Raj

1629.44 (872nd)
146,752 (392nd)
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Title Δ
Python: Get a substring from a long long long string 0.00
using sed parameters \1, \2 in the same expression side +1.44
Regex with multiple groups that use lookahead for logical AND insid... +0.57
Can properties from Mixin become a nested object? 0.00
Regex not giving expected result in python 0.00
Not a valid regular expression 0.00
How to split a vcard file into seperate contacts with regex in pyth... 0.00
Better Line Removal in Python? +1.41
Replace string with multiple reverse patterns in Python -1.63
sed: capturing a recurring regex group that happens to be optional -1.49
re.findall() returning a list of sets -0.18
why the update function return int where it must return string? +0.32
Where in my django app do I implement this get_client_ip() function? +0.32
Django - how to save distinct values in a queryset object? +0.33
If condition with startswith and endswith error 0.00
How do I convert my Django app to use form validation correctly usi... -0.18
Get length of searched output +0.28
Django allow only one user session in total 0.00
Regex-based custom template filter doesn't find the first targe... 0.00
Add + character as optional parameter into reg exp 0.00
How to set select2 ajax preselected value? 0.00
Regex in python: replace multiple occurrences of comma between doub... +0.32
c# RegEx, how to filter the resultset of regex 0.00
Split string after comma without trailing whitespace +1.48
django. Get only current day. Only day without time +0.29
Javascript - Count the number of replaced strings in JavaScript? +0.33
How to add character after a regex match is found +1.87
Negation of gsub | Replace everything except strings in a certain v... +0.96
Match exactly one occurrence and not consecutive occurrences -0.50
Extracting digits on a line below a specific line with a regex? +1.29
Need to sort dict values and print highest value pair using Django... 0.00
Regex to split minifiyed SVG Path 0.00
Add line at file 0.00
How to access python return value from bash script -1.04
Regular Expression How to match a word which end with certain chara... -0.19
How to get the text from an anchor tag? 0.00
Try to post a dictionary to my view +1.36
Regex match a substring if that substring is not preceded by a spec... -0.18
Replacing pandas column value with value in parenthesis, with comma... +0.33
Regex Match in Python for Time Instances +0.33
regex to match passwords that are greater than 5 characters long an... 0.00
Regex: Match all combinations of 2 digits except for specified 0.00
get dictionary from queryset 0.00
Selectively removing trailing string -0.38
Regex to match chars at the start and digits at the end 0.00
Search and replace string +1.73
Regullar Expressions - Here or there? +0.33
Python: how to extract string from file - only once -0.70
How do I append a character within parentheses in Python? +1.45
How do I repeat a parenthesized group n times using a Python regula... 0.00