An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Roman Starkov

1574.75 (3,429th)
35,867 (3,182nd)
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Title Δ
SHA checksum for +2GB file using FileStream +0.41
Generic async HttpClient method sometimes doesn't work? 0.00
Preventing FileSystemWatcher throwing TaskCanceledException when ca... 0.00
.NET web app - working with static variables -0.66
Why is there a need for a separate item in my MSBuild file? +0.38
Any way to improve Regex.Replace performance? 0.00
Mathematical operations on packed numerical values +1.71
How to set the owner of a file to SYSTEM? 0.00
Marshaling managed string to char pointer c# 0.00
calculate milliseconds with timer Tick in c# -0.03
Get type programmatically and use it as a typeparam +1.91
Faster c# image processing +0.39
Threadpool or TPL for a long running tasks 0.00
C#/.NET console applications that behave like normal Unix tools +1.61
Efficiently Concatenating Delimited Characters Into Words +0.38
How to Create SslStream for a non-blocking async socket 0.00
Setting Minimum Date for Date Time Picker for Windows Forms C# 0.00
Rename computer name with .NET 0.00
Down Sides to Using Properties as Opposed to Method Variables -1.44
Message box showing up when it's not supposed to? +0.57
Mysql replace string when needed query +2.64
Can I have Visual Studio 2013 run a Powershell command on File Save? +2.29
Visual Studio 2013 - navigating among many projects 0.00
Compare by values from unknown object types 0.00
Charset detection with UDE and getting the text to string - impact... 0.00
Is removing unreachable code always safe? 0.00
Convert numeric string character to int32 +1.38
Why create heap when creating a linked list when we can simply do t... -0.26
How to know a value overflows without recurring to a runtime Overfl... +0.45
Get all Vector3-type variables (struct) and enumerate them from the... 0.00
How to run wkhtmltopdf securely on user-supplied HTML? 0.00
Why is 'box' instruction emitted for generic? +0.31
Clarification needed on async and await -0.22
Log upstream requests Nginx reverse proxy 0.00
What are the advantages of running multiple instances of mysql on d... -0.10
Read text file block by block -0.16
I want to read the values for the pixels from a text file and then... 0.00
Can I make an exception in Task.Run crash the program? +2.44
Git rm, gives scary "Deletion of directory failed" when I... 0.00
Why does FindControl sometimes find nothing inside a FormView in a... 0.00
why do I get System.OutOfMemoryException even when there is about 7... +1.71
Remove slashes from date and file extension from string +0.39
How to specify a custom attribute on a generic parameter in VB.NET? 0.00
Looking for a disk-based redis-like database 0.00
LINEST gives #VALUE! error for some data 0.00
IIS 7 Error "A specified logon session does not exist. It may... 0.00
How to disable the "Expect: 100 continue" header in HttpW... 0.00
What tags in HTML5 are acknowledged of being self-closing? 0.00
Convert object to System.Type in linq -0.87
Disabling the SeDebugPrivilege in C# -0.10