An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1746.77 (44th)
104,828 (688th)
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Title Δ
Execution of for loop in C -0.58
Modifying member functions of built-in objects 0.00
assignment of member ' in read-only object -1.26
Shell Script unclear usage of " : " -0.60
confused by C++ logical OR (||) operator -0.57
C++ Array name from variable +1.21
Overloaded == and != operators in C++ +1.02
Overloading the class subscript operator to access elements of a me... +0.17
Is it possible to initialize an array in a member initializer list... +2.19
cin reads zero after an unsuccessful attempt to read +1.47
Overloading operator + in my own arithmetic +0.32
Vector Countdown -0.52
Unusual behavior of copy ctor -1.35
Compile Error with std::deque::erase with const members of the class +1.88
Discovering whether any value in an array matches a given value +1.68
Vector iterator -> Printing clases (missing argument) 0.00
Which operator is faster: != or > -1.64
How to get Memory Usage in a variable using shell script 0.00
C++ Copying vector of pointers with polymorphism 0.00
C++ having reference for local variables +1.73
variable scope and pointer -0.92
where is the section in the standard regarding "virtual functi... 0.00
Why have to use friend function +2.12
ERROR c2955 : using c++ template +0.43
How to delete dynamic elements stored in a std::forward_list +1.45
C++ reference byte array +0.44
In C++, when inheriting a class and overriding a function. I get an... -0.18
java arraylist indexOutOfBonds Exception reason -1.77
Calling outside functions in inline functions 0.00
Colon if statement difference -0.05
Does the member function of class template not get instantiated if... +0.41
Does the address of the array equal to that of its first element in... +0.87
Why doesn't a deleted default constructor catch this? 0.00
Trouble using a Boolean function in a program 0.00
Virtual function not inherited from interface +2.88
Is it possible to mark an alias template as a friend? +2.21
error: invalid type argument of unary β€˜*’ (have β€˜int’) +0.41
Default value for variable in C++ using cin >> +0.46
Can a for loop have an assignment in its statement? +0.41
Assign a point to the class member +0.42
Constructors and Copy Constructors accross Identical derived classes -0.18
Error C2352: illegal call of non-static member function 0.00
Polymorphism in mixin classes - virtual functions -0.10
Template specialization doesn't see a function in its point of... 0.00
Vector to a string and HashMap in C++ 0.00
What to do when c++ say "int is not compatible with int*"? +2.21
How to define the constructor of an inner template class of another... -2.02
Class Member Not a Reference but Constructor with Argument Passed b... -1.07
Class function running out of loop 0.00
How to take address of an overloaded operator defined as a friend i... -1.97