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Rating Stats for

Paul Kuliniewicz

1528.11 (19,824th)
2,271 (73,776th)
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Title Δ
Penny Auction AJAX Security +4.00
update a gtk.VBox dynamically 0.00
OpenID Security - Bogus OpenID Redirect 0.00
Problems with srand(), C++ +4.09
How to continuously monitor rhythmbox for track change using python +4.17
How do I get all instances of VLC on dbus quickly? 0.00
C get mode from list of integers +4.38
sprintf() with automatic memory allocation? -3.82
Help with Make error 0.00
Python: spawn or thread for long running background process? -1.95
Any programming language with "strange" function call? +0.74
obtaining java source from class name -2.49
Haskell and Conditional Data Structures +3.69
Radio items in GNOME panel applet's context menu 0.00
Using enum properties in PyGTK/GObject 0.00
Haskell operator vs function precedence +2.00
Where does opencv install it's libs in ubuntu -4.19
strange error in g++ +1.38
python apt-get list upgrades -3.99
Using haskell read and typeclasses - ambiguous type variable error +3.50
How to define a constant conditionally +0.77
Custom GTK widget to bypass GTK layout engine? +3.92
Recursive function to match a string against a wildcard pattern +4.14
python lambda with print statement -0.16
A weird crash +3.94
UNIX FIFO: How to allow only one writer/reader pair to use a FIFO? 0.00
UNIX FIFO: How to allow only one writer/reader pair to use a FIFO? +4.00
Controlling Gnome Volume using DBus 0.00
Write to pipe deadlocking program 0.00
Testing IO actions with Monadic QuickCheck 0.00