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Malcolm McLean

1376.76 (4,409,266th)
5,491 (29,875th)
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Title Δ
How read a txt file line by line without use any command of iterati... 0.00
Color image boundary based on local curvature +0.43
Printing Unicodes in C++ +0.17
Using int or char data types and doing exercises from the K&R -... -0.70
Loading strings divided by delimiter to array +0.71
Dissecting functions -0.74
Local maximas with C++/OpenCV 0.00
Should I use qsort over sort in C++? +0.27
How to make SVG scaling correctly? -0.86
Does the C equality operator compare the literal value of two strin... +2.16
Showing binary representation of floating point types in C++ +0.10
Reading a string with fgets into a char array from a filestream. [C] -1.20
Matrix stored in the heap vs matrix stored in the stack: can both b... 0.00
Creating graphics for euclidean instances of TSP -1.21
C++ string of greek characters and .at() operator +0.05
Is free/=NULL enough to clear memory, or should SecureZeroMemory be... 0.00
How many bits of an int match the precsion of a 32 bit floating poi... 0.00
C++ check if 2d vector hit an obstacle +0.42
Getting started with microchips 0.00
Artificial Intelligence: Blocksworld heuristic A* solution approach 0.00
"overlay" Strings algorithm 0.00
Using if else in c macros -0.64
Memory deallocation inside a member function -0.45
How to store very large integer value in c 0.00
How to calculate the area between two curves -1.36
Rounding function in C +0.08
Shortest path algorithms 0.00
When we call function and pass the character array, Why we call it... 0.00
C++ no known conversion from 'int*' to 'uint16_t* {a ka... -0.61
feeding a stringstream to a class member function -1.35
How are type qualifiers ordered from more qualified to less qualifi... -1.01
Should I allow my custom iterator to go past the end? +2.59
Understanding K-means Clustering +0.75
Random number from many other random numbers, is it more random? +0.45
How to scan in unknown number of integers separated by spaces in C? -1.50
Given two arrays each containing n sorted elements, is there a O(lo... 0.00
A good way to return a vector using pointers -0.92
Binary Representation of Float in Assembly Language -0.91
malloc(5) = 5 chars or 5 bytes? -0.66
Read n bits (not bytes) in qt? -0.35
Generalisation of Nested For loop in C 0.00
How do I write a C++ program to convert height entered by user in c... +0.65
Dynamically create a 2D array with only one known dimension -0.31
What is the typical structure of the executable? 0.00
How to use sscanf to extract float numbers? 0.00
Virtually turn vector of struct into vector of struct members +0.42
How to Draw rounded rectangle in c? 0.00
How to detect text in a photo -0.35
Find size of binary file, function tellg() returns -1 +0.17
Color code points of 3D scatter plot according to density of points +0.03