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John Flatness

1592.04 (2,140th)
25,042 (5,106th)
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Title Δ
How to get MySQL to return the correct year number for "week 5... 0.00
Is there a git diff option to tell me the relative names of all fil... 0.00
jQuery dynamic width/height are not being applied +0.36
HTML 5 audio .play() delay on mobile -0.13 do not append 0.00
Laravel Eloquent find for composite key 0.00
What exactly is "DOM-based XSS Attacks"? -0.42
JQUERY - Bubbling after ajax call 0.00
RGB values from getImageData are undefined +0.38
jquery nth-child() not working +2.04
pygame.error: Invalid bits per pixel (range is {8...32}) 0.00
.gitignore from parentmodule does not apply to submodules? 0.00
Using string "constructor" as key in JavaScript object 0.00
MySQL timestamp math behaves differently after using unix_timestamp() +0.13
preg_replace adds < and > automatically, but it's weird? -0.61
Whitespaces in URL causing wget to fail 0.00
Odd performance of jQuery variable caching and chaining 0.00
Nested foreach() loop php Codeigniter-Php error +0.37
Allow only capital and small letters -0.09
MySQL - Select records in a table where none of the associated reco... +1.04
What am I doing wrong with this Regex? +0.82
PHP File Upload. var_dump returns empty string +0.37
Show line errors in codemirror? 0.00
jQuery syntax using "not" with uniform plugin 0.00
PHP Form validation returning strange value 0.00
Git post-receive Not running 0.00
concat empty / single item array -0.52
Zend Framework Zend_Date::WEEKDAY 0.00
Trying to color a cube in Three.js +1.54
Unit test assertion that is true in several cases -0.43
Explain massive performance difference in html canvas image drawing 0.00
Anonymous function shorthand -2.35
Github's gist endpoint is not working with Javascript +0.36
php with xmlreader - how do you make xi:include work? 0.00
Extract translator comments with xgettext from JavaScript (in Pytho... 0.00
Difference between dates calculation not working -0.05
PHP autoloaders and namespaces 0.00
Extract different values returned in json format using GET REST call -2.36
Difference between .NET and PHP encryption 0.00
best practice in PHP Date Formatting of the year's 4-digit value -1.30
Why Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode sample code not work? 0.00
PHP Processing Fragment Identifier in URL +0.37
Issue with jQuery data() treating string as number +1.46
can't attach file 'drop' event when using jQuery on() 0.00
How do I stop Sass adding spaces before units of measurement? +0.39
What does [,...n] mean in T-SQL BNF? +2.18
Cakefile not seeing JS functions 0.00
Is easy_install handling relative links correctly? It's generating... 0.00
Escape keyword in the handlebar template -1.46
Detecting when a user leaves or enters a channel with hubot 0.00