An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1506.46 (111,750th)
1,829 (90,556th)
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Title Δ
CSS opacity does not apply in chrome but applies in firefox +3.92
Prevent deletion of records where a certain field is non-blank 0.00
Vue nested data: child component not hidden when parent node is del... 0.00
How to create an svg element programmatically in an svg document? -3.51
Copy SVG/HTML content from external file using JS without Ajax? -0.08
Trigger click on SVG image 0.00
How to hide an SVG based on its current size? 0.00
Javascript with svg.js: Unable to eliminate viewbox offset from top... 0.00
SVG Text Not Aligning in Edge 0.00
How to rotate the block every time you click on the button? +3.97
Margin collapsing between tables 0.00
Spacing on a table border-bottom -2.01
Keyframes animation with svg -4.05
Rails 5.2 partial counter: "undefined local variable or method... 0.00
svg animation - icon not scale center point of icon -3.87
Create a search bar that uses cmd / ctrl + F to search an iframe 0.00
How to fill with color a complex SVG image? 0.00
Define url helper in rails routes -1.67
Rails: JSON round trip from database to TEXTAREA converts to string... 0.00
How to perfect svg image of a happy face? 0.00
Using js onclick on one button to inject link into another -4.02
Mouseover button and triggers svg circle same time +1.11
SVG - have line centered vertically without knowing svg height +4.05
How to create SVG radial lines +3.69
How to see UTF-8 character as a SVG parameter correctly? 0.00
SVG : line with y attribute expressed in percentage units does not... 0.00
how to style svg element that is duplicated from the <use />... 0.00
How to get the width and height of an image? ( getBBox() size of SV... -4.20
hover over an html article and change the background of another div +3.68
How would I shrink my header's nav when on scroll? 0.00
Rails 5.1.6 can't start: undefined local variable or method `co... 0.00
JQuery getting data from XML URL and displaying it 0.00
Add images into rails article 0.00
Rails momentary SCSS compilation error 0.00
Rendering TRs in Vue using a custom component +3.93
JS: Updating a variable within an if statement and then using that... -2.04
Rails 4.2 "wrong number of arguments (0 for 1..2)" error... -0.19
CKEditor - Permission denied on setReadOnly in IE 0.00
Sync CKEditor and a TEXTAREA with jQuery -0.29
How to make the tabs not overflowing the tabs container? +3.95
The best way to display Windows Explorer-type tree view with Rails 4 0.00
Displaying countries using country_select gem in Rails 4 0.00
Bootstrap 3 modal background is missing +3.97
Rails Ancestry gem: ensuring parent node exists when saving a node 0.00
Duplicate axis nodes when resetting d3 bar chart to original data s... +0.11
Animating wrapped text in d3 0.00
how to get bounding box or rect (getBBox()) for svg path in jquery 0.00
Get the bounding box of a selected SVG element 0.00
Get pixel length of String in Svg 0.00
How do I debug bad SVG parsing in Firefox? (ie. "Unexpected va... 0.00