An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.97 (4,384,807th)
384 (331,896th)
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Title Δ
NaN error appearing when I run my code -3.15
After exceeding 24 characters strncat or strndmp adds random charac... 0.00
AT command for USSD code +0.25
function not returning as expected, returns before loop, but not af... 0.00
In c language, Embedded Application, how to compare members from an... +0.50
Use of uninitialized value $site in string 0.00
The output of this is 3 can anybody tell me how? -2.59
Difficulty splitting strings read from a file in C +0.39
Is there a recommended way to align titles with data output in C? -3.74
fastest way to gather bits (similar to std::copy_if) -0.88
Anonymous structures, unions in C99 Keil MDK5 0.00
odd sized structure with bitfields 0.00
Accessing individual bit groups of a given type in 4 bit increments... -3.79
Error printing a string 0.00
results of fscanf are always 0. 0.00
Why does printf() formating not work for a decimal number all 0's? +4.40
Finding if two triangle are congruent +1.59
GDB examine command confusion 0.00
Find common value from two arrays 0.00
Doesn't a 2D array decay to pointer to pointer -3.70
How to get the number of digits of an integer? -1.96
How do I run a global command with same name as a file in the worki... -3.87
Does malloc only allocate memory, nothing else? -1.68
Confusion About Char Array to Unsigned Long -2.40
Pointer operations, memory scanning -0.97
Word count application - C +3.89
Compilation error about "expected specifier-qualifier-list bef... 0.00
Implementing Set of octets class in C++ -2.31
Why MSB is discarded in case of bits overflow? -3.76
micro-controller, which language is preferable? high level or assem... 0.00
Pin Mask Conventions for Embedded Development -1.25