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Pedro Rodrigues

1502.97 (329,333rd)
463 (290,426th)
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Title Δ
docker build command doesn't refresh my source files 0.00
remove lines that are a sequential numbers in a text file -0.03
Running docker on a non-linux OS -2.87
Add character string -0.89
How to add trailing zeroes to datetime as string? +4.28
Python Regex Matching 6 characters with at least one letter & o... +2.98
Python remove function doesn't remove all matching integers fro... 0.00
Regex for matching 3 or 4 or 5 letter words starting with "ho&... -1.61
how does this for loop works in jupyter notebook? +4.43
How to optimize this code and call Api every 40ms +3.55
Regex that match words and words with apostrophes 0.00
Performance running multiple Python scripts simultaneously +4.20
'CodeFile' attribute cannot be used without an 'Inherit... 0.00
VB Auto Implemented Properties under IIS -0.32
VB Auto Implemented Property not compiling 0.00
Python multiline pattern search 0.00
Is there an issue with this recursive combination generation algori... 0.00
Javascript prototype property descriptor 0.00
add lines before and after my function usind decorator 0.00
Python cashier without db +0.08
How to check all the numbers in a range against a calculation? -1.49
List.Reverse() without any effect in C# -1.34
Script ignores conditions (if, elif, & else) +0.94
For loop doesn't add values to a points collection -4.00
Run terminal process as background process -0.02
Removing the commas from string in c# -3.69
How to con-cat variable inside quotes in python 0.00
How do I do this in Java, C#, or Python? +2.02
How do you install something directly from the GitHub repo? -3.86
How to maintain state during recursion in python -2.20
is there an easy way to bring a dictionary into a function? +3.93
Edit JSON file while keeping it properly formatted (e.g. indentation) 0.00
Class not found in usual file but it's aliased 0.00
How to set up a new user in a linux server to work with Python? +0.65
What does it mean if the column “column” is NULL when running the s... -3.96
how to run flask app in localhost with SSL 0.00
Regular expressions (Regex) 0.00
Regex capture everything between start word until end specific end... +0.58
How can I execute a file (that imports other modules) from a Python... 0.00
Python unittest setUpClass cannot call method from base class 0.00
Is there a delay in between statements in C#? +3.06
What are differences between 'Revert', 'Revert Commit&#... -4.11
convert list to string in python -4.11
How can I keep a file private on a public GitLab repository? -3.56
Pair items from 2 lists -0.10
Null instead of None when interpretting JSON? 0.00
Is there a problem with how I am indenting this if loop? 0.00
Understanding first class functions 0.00
Separating text/text processing using regex +3.74
Using alias for changing the default python version -1.95