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1382.73 (4,409,252nd)
14,716 (9,592nd)
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Title Δ
How to set specific compression in Kb using imagejpeg in php +0.17
How does macOS allocate stack and heap for a process? +0.65
need help creating Jpeg Generational Degradation code 0.00
When the L2 page is copied to L1 page? +1.05
How to avoid a globally defined C macro of `Status` from `Xlib.h`? +2.48
how to include structures as header file 0.00
How are stack pointers converted from virtual to physical memory -1.18
c++ default not working in switch statement -1.31
JPF on a website, how to get it working right? +3.33
How does the kernel keep track of frames being mapped to other proc... 0.00
Do modern computer systems (x86 architecture) have virtual adressin... -0.34
where virtual address space is located +0.81
Small change in colors during JPEG compression 0.00
What is the performance of the heap for allocating memory? 0.00
Difference or Similarities between PCB and PDB 0.00
what is the difference between byte addressable and word addressable 0.00
How reduce the noise of a image? +0.17
Is it necessary to bind a real-time thread to an LWP? 0.00
How to write hexadecimal values of members of struct to unsigned ch... 0.00
What happens to the PCB of processes that have finished their execu... 0.00
How can I code a image format like jfif or How can I find the backg... 0.00
Where is the information about the allocated memory regions? 0.00
Can a process perform IO while residing in secondary memory? 0.00
Is kernel mode the time when OS gains full control of the system? +0.67
Is TRAP instruction triggered only by a syscall? 0.00
Can a virtual address be remapped to different physical addresses w... 0.00
Is it possible to execute a script stored within a .jpeg file? +0.64
Can we assign the address of 2D integer array in double pointer of... -0.33
Compress JPEG image to specific quality level without using Bitmap#... 0.00
Can a running process corrupt its executable and the files (current... -0.96
Why design custom memory manager? -0.33
How to fix "Not all control paths return a value" warning... -0.33
Maximum number of decimals places in machine and DB -1.30
Chinese remainder theorem with c++ , what is the error? How to modi... 0.00
Maximum size of stack of multi threaded process -0.93
How Binary Numbers Represented as Characters -0.60
At dynamic linking, does the dynamic loader look at all object file... -0.89
Why malloc in WebAssembly requires 4x the memory? -0.54
when should I use "Memory Manipulation Mechanisms" in WIN... 0.00
How do I find the jpeg header in a compressed image with jpeg 0.00
Can a page fault handler generate more page faults? -0.96
How does memory allocation happen at the lowest level in an operati... -0.90
Logical Address Space is Larger than Physical and Backing store com... +0.67
Change code from using heap to using the stack -1.19
When a page fault is returned from disk to physical memory, where i... 0.00
Decode JPEG image scan data with Huffman tables 0.00
Is the movement of the cursor on the screen a result of graphical t... 0.00
How is a program loaded in OS -1.35
Paged virtual memory 0.00
Does terminating a program reclaim memory in the same way as free()? -0.60