An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1384.48 (4,190,218th)
14,716 (9,582nd)
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Title Δ
How is the page number checked against the PT entries? 0.00
What get copied over when exec() is called? -0.34
Lossless JPG crop without losing EXIF, on Android 0.00
Does a linker generate absolute virtual addresses when linking -1.28
accessing process memory parts +0.64
Reading jpeg or gif metadata with javax.imageio 0.00
WINDOWS API: GetCurrentThread(); in C 0.00
Where are the Condition flags stored in Y86-64 ISA? 0.00
Fast matrix multiplication of XDX^T for D diagonal 0.00
I want to know the exact concept of virtual address -1.38
Is it possible to stop fork failure here 0.00
Process table in operating system +0.61
Why I can't get the exact same color when exporting an image to... -0.33
Does page-fault occur when Operating System reads a file for the fi... 0.00
how logical addresses are genearted in segmented memory management 0.00
What does kernel of an operating system do? -0.39
What is the real size of file? +0.79
How do I get the month to stop displaying 1.00, 2.00, ... etc -0.04
How is a variable assigned a memory address? -1.23
Why is the context not saved in the process itself instead of the P... 0.00
What are the values that are stored in unused memory space? -0.73
How to increase precision of std::sin function on iOS -0.41
Variable allocation and tracking 0.00
How are system calls are done when writing Java code or any other l... -0.34
Load PNG RGBA channels like interleaved JPG RGB channels 0.00
Allocation of memory in x86-64 -1.30
Does youtube prevent multitasking? 0.00
How do I convert a decimal exponent like e+308 (in base 10) to a he... 0.00
How to write unit tests for text parser? 0.00
Understanding Page Sizes 0.00
What is ELF Header in xv6? 0.00
Why only the parent process takes input? 0.00
How do the instruction sequences differ, when seen by CPU vs. seen... +0.60
How can I find the value of the virtual page offset, the value of t... +0.15
mapping user-level threads to kernal +0.62
Converting Address Sequence to Reference String In Page replacement +0.15
Operating systems vs. database management systems -0.35
How does the referencing of objects and variables in programs work? +0.66
How are the Run-Length-Encoded quantized DCT Coefficients further c... 0.00
how does the Operating Systems code and user applications code run... +2.67
Where does page size store in operation system? -0.34
is editing a text file makes the CPU run in the user mode? 0.00
Change Code from DCT to Inverse Discrete Cosine Transformation? -0.34
Can an access violation be a disguised out-of-memory error? -1.31
What is the purpose of Logical addresses in operating system? Why t... +0.15
How MMU gets physical address of interrupt vector? 0.00
Does OS limit the maximum disk size in a machine? 0.00
why system call need interrupt 0.00
fast way to read height width and file size of jpeg without decoding -0.35
Location of OS Kernel Data -1.50