An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1424.44 (4,359,104th)
2,996 (56,202nd)
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Title Δ
How I can catch an exception in c#? 0.00
Why does this async program not interleave the output? 0.00
Parallel Image Resizing +0.13
Where am I going wrong with my maze algorithm? +0.10
How does prime factorization guarantee that the factors will be pri... 0.00
How to Store and retrieve Salt from and into a database? +0.58
"Unhandled" exception in ASP .NET Core 3.1 +0.59
How to fill a random object with random data at runtime +0.44
C# How to add values of all variables of an object to a list? +1.45
Access the value of a variable outside its scope 0.00
'HttpContextAccessor' does not contain a definition for ... -0.14
Type conversions for generics in c# -1.69
Unable to cast 2 objects although they share same interface +1.58
When Rethrow a Exception in c#? +0.61
Should I return an IEnumerable type, or a List? -0.57
Stream failing to close C# 0.00
Console.ReadKey seems to be reading the wrong key? -0.16
Why does the null-conditional operator promote thread-safety in C#? 0.00
Keep WPF window over the taskbar without taking focus 0.00
How to print file in specific Printer? 0.00
How to check if the Value of a NumericUpDown is larger than the Yea... +0.49
What network programming class should I use for my Windows service? +0.61
Do Inner or Nested Scopes in C# influence the GC? -0.36
Access database connection session state 0.00
Differences between BlockingCollection and TaskScheduler 0.00
I struggle with this for loop task -1.38
Get combinations of K size based off of a dictionary c# -1.64
Inherit Generic classes -0.60
Mock static class 0.00
c# how to determine the full file path of a file? +2.18
Constructor with one parameter but several fields inside? Why they... +2.21
Upload multiple Images but store in Database only one image 0.00
C# - Check if can access / read folder -1.44
Class instantiation C# -0.31
Real Time chart performance issue c# winform 0.00
Why is StringValues assignable to String -0.15
Making last integer disappear +1.09
How could a thread return to a place different from the one it come... -0.75
How to create array of objects in c# instantiating a class that tak... -0.39
Why do I need a 'dummy' line of code in order for Presentat... 0.00
Ignore input until valid response? -0.35
Value in list of values exists in elastic field list nest c# +0.11
Passing array by value in c# 0.00
How to fix incorrect date and time values from Excel? 0.00
How can i make this run faster? +0.88
Assigning an object to a Property of type object +0.34
How to get the Full Path of a File? +0.50
Random string collision after using Fisher-Yates algorithm (C#) +2.00
How to implement in console quiz the removal of an option every t2... -1.19
Turning off Compiler Optimizations? My C# code to evaluate order of... -1.27