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Tomas Petricek

1722.46 (72nd)
204,411 (213th)
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Title Δ
How to mimic F# compiler type checking? 0.00
Am I using Deedle correctly? 0.00
F# Codewars Integers: Recreation Two 0.00
What nullable type to use for varbinary column in F# EFCore? 0.00
Recursive parsing grammar consumes input and fails to parse sequence 0.00
What's the difference between these 2 ways of generating sequen... 0.00
F#: How to get the type of an instance of an empty discriminated un... 0.00
F#: Rule of thumb to use specific types / aliased types? 0.00
F# Moq returns "Invalid setup on a static member" 0.00
What's the F# type inference approach to generics? 0.00
The type provider 'ProviderImplementation.HtmlProvider' rep... 0.00
is it possible to loop though 2 values using only 1 loop? 0.00
How to override string generation for all properties in FsCheck 0.00
Strongly typed ids in F#? 0.00
Count unique in a Deedle Series 0.00
how to use a C# nullable datetime in F# 0.00
How to implement a state machine using F#? And how do you transition? 0.00
How can I declare an object into another class on F#? 0.00
Im getting an error in the first member (2nd line of code) 0.00
How do I make an empty catch block with F#? 0.00
F#: Returning a list with element at index changed 0.00
How to store a method and later feed it multiple parameters 0.00
How do you deserialize JSON to a map/dictionary of records in F#? 0.00
F# : How to test the equality of sequence/list elements? 0.00
F# : How to check asequence of sequences content? 0.00
Pass value to second parameter in a pipeline 0.00
How to pass custom date format to CsvProvider in F# 0.00
Continuation Passing Style Computation Expression 0.00
Sharing functions across different types 0.00
F# Seq<Seq<char>> convert to string 0.00
How to translate this MSBuild script to F#/FAKE? 0.00
F# How to preserve lazy /copy a unforced lazy statement 0.00
F# Railway Programming is this initialization can be improved? 0.00
Countdown Countup F# Recursion 0.00
Returning .NET POCO as data frame over WebAPI to R client 0.00
Elegant Solution for Discriminated Unions Representing Failures in F# 0.00
F# - How to test an exception raised in the constructor with fsunit? 0.00
Unpacking nested applicative functors f# 0.00
Overload resolution with TryParse 0.00
how do I get this signature in f#: val sigF : int -> bool ->... -0.03
Difference between an F# function name and a function value pointed... 0.00
Can I parse some F# code at run-time that reference types in my cur... 0.00
Is there a reference for fsi.commands? 0.00
Can this be made more functional? -0.86
Exposing an F# Map type to C# 0.00
Property Based Testing in F# using conditional parameters -1.94
How to pick correct method overload for function composition? -2.96
Why is my F# vector add function using tail recursion not working? 0.00
Convert a Deedle Dataframe into a C# List of Custom Class +0.61
Casting a dynamic type in C# to F# 0.00