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Rating Stats for

Tomas Petricek

1713.36 (98th)
206,420 (220th)
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Title Δ
Elegant way to switch off logging F# 0.00
Writing unit tests against PrintfFormat 0.00
F# multiplication table function 0.00
error FS0010: Incomplete structured construct at or before this poi... 0.00
F# Factorial function using while loop 0.00
Adding two tuples in F# 0.00
In F#, how to construct a record list with DateTime values? 0.00
How to return an item from a list that has no type F# 0.00
How to directly apply a function to the value of a match expression... 0.00
F#: Can the match expression not return sequences when mapped to fr... 0.00
F# how to upcast a generic 0.00
Can I do two sums in parallel with collection functions, in F#, or... 0.00
F# hot to stop Async.Start 0.00
F# static member constraints combined with IDisposable 0.00
F# TcpListener/Client class do not write? 0.00
How to initialize a discriminated union from another discriminated... 0.00
Eagerly loading all paginated data with json type provider 0.00
In F#, can a record type be made public when in a module within a N... 0.00
Construct list terminated with a different type 0.00
Deedle - comma decimal delimeter in CSV 0.00
Parsing an XML with namespaces using F# XMLProvider 0.00
Count members of a record type 0.00
How to merge multiple Deedle Series into 1 big series? 0.00
F# constructor constraint 0.00
What is the syntax to use List.AddRange with an F# list? 0.00
Shorthand of Deedle create new series of fixed length 0.00
Chaining infix operators with statically resolved type parameter 0.00
What is that "arg00" in the type of LexBuffer<char>... 0.00
How to unbox F# tuple object where tuple has arbitrary number of el... 0.00
Split string on first occurrence of number or comma 0.00
Renaming type for FSharp.Data JsonProvider 0.00
'and' keyword in F# 0.00
F# JSON Type Provider: Handling DateTime and TimeZone 0.00
Why does F# interactive console not consider "assert (2=3)&quo... 0.00
Mix string and List into a List 0.00
F# making unnecessary copies of DateTimeOffset 0.00
F# three parameter infix operator 0.00
Why is building/splicing F# quotations so slow? 0.00
Using the less than comparison operator for strings in F# 0.00
where is sprintfn gone, in F#? 0.00
How do you write a SelectMany from a Task in F# 0.00
F# AsyncSeq- How do a mke asyncSeq Iterate in the order values are... 0.00
How do I create a C# style async member in F#? +0.21
Processing a list of async calls to a C# library, in F# 0.00
type extension on a list in F# 0.00
F# Pattern matching on generic class that has a type constraint 0.00
Lazy<'T> vs anonymous functions 0.00
F# Event in class constructor 0.00
Extend parameter type in F# 0.00
f# pattern matching sequence :? seq<_> (IEnumerable) +0.71