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Rating Stats for

Tomas Petricek

1714.85 (87th)
206,420 (216th)
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Title Δ
DEEDLE: how to create empty data frame and add series 0.00
Merging by column in deedle 0.00
How to forward fill missing values in a C# data frame 0.00
Create sequence from multidimensional array in F# 0.00
Convert a method call or assignment to a function in F# 0.00
F# propper remove of ElapsedEventHandler handler +0.23
F# program flow question with Async and Option 0.00
Frame.ReadCsv not correctly parsing multiline column names 0.00
Is there any way to get JsonProvider to parse this as an array of i... 0.00
F# and memory leaks in simple rec function 0.00
Tail-Recursive Foldr 0.00
F# Units of Measure doesn't simplify 0.00
How to require multiple interfaces in F# when a parameter is an obj... 0.00
How to mimic F# compiler type checking? +0.83
Am I using Deedle correctly? 0.00
F# Codewars Integers: Recreation Two 0.00
What nullable type to use for varbinary column in F# EFCore? 0.00
Recursive parsing grammar consumes input and fails to parse sequence +0.23
What's the difference between these 2 ways of generating sequen... 0.00
F#: How to get the type of an instance of an empty discriminated un... 0.00
F#: Rule of thumb to use specific types / aliased types? +0.24
F# Moq returns "Invalid setup on a static member" 0.00
What's the F# type inference approach to generics? -2.33
The type provider 'ProviderImplementation.HtmlProvider' rep... -1.08
is it possible to loop though 2 values using only 1 loop? 0.00
How to override string generation for all properties in FsCheck 0.00
Strongly typed ids in F#? -2.61
Count unique in a Deedle Series 0.00
how to use a C# nullable datetime in F# -1.37
How to implement a state machine using F#? And how do you transition? 0.00
How can I declare an object into another class on F#? 0.00
Im getting an error in the first member (2nd line of code) 0.00
How do I make an empty catch block with F#? 0.00
F#: Returning a list with element at index changed +0.21
How to store a method and later feed it multiple parameters 0.00
How do you deserialize JSON to a map/dictionary of records in F#? -0.84
F# : How to test the equality of sequence/list elements? +0.24
F# : How to check asequence of sequences content? 0.00
Pass value to second parameter in a pipeline -2.42
How to pass custom date format to CsvProvider in F# 0.00
Continuation Passing Style Computation Expression 0.00
Sharing functions across different types 0.00
F# Seq<Seq<char>> convert to string 0.00
How to translate this MSBuild script to F#/FAKE? 0.00
F# How to preserve lazy /copy a unforced lazy statement 0.00
F# Railway Programming is this initialization can be improved? 0.00
Countdown Countup F# Recursion 0.00
Returning .NET POCO as data frame over WebAPI to R client 0.00
Elegant Solution for Discriminated Unions Representing Failures in F# +1.06
F# - How to test an exception raised in the constructor with fsunit? 0.00