An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Tomas Petricek

1716.33 (88th)
206,420 (220th)
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Title Δ
F#: Proper `try` blocks inside an async{} block? 0.00
Finding classes implementing an interface, using reflection, and in... 0.00
Getting Active Directory Users and looping through them to return a... 0.00
Negate a string method in a lambda function gives error 0.00
Will this object survive garbage collection in F#? 0.00
how can I serialize tuples as list in F#? 0.00
How do I check the OS in the F# preprocessor? 0.00
Assigning Value to StringValue In F# 0.00
Combining two observables in F# 0.00
How many Tokens in below F# 0.00
How to reverse each string in a string list at \n? 0.00
Can I make return type vary with parameter a bit like sprintf in F#? 0.00
F# How to extract keys from a boxed Map object 0.00
Incorrect indentation for a lambda function 0.00
Convert Discriminated Union to primitive type via member function i... 0.00
What is 'task' in F#? 0.00
Error: FS0010 Unexpected identifier in expression. Expected incompl... 0.00
F# verbose syntax and class definition problem 0.00
Why does F# not like the type ('a list list) as input? 0.00
Write a for loop that increments the index twice 0.00
How to use the C# action type in F#? 0.00
Remove elements from a dictionary based on a criteria, in F# 0.00
How to add keyvalue pair to deedle Series? 0.00
Is it possible to access a nested dictionary from Dotliquid? 0.00
let vs member for private functions, in F# 0.00
porting a dequeue - add loop from C# to F# 0.00
How to build F# type fulfilling business rules? 0.00
How to convert a seemingly self-calling F# lambda to C#? 0.00
Compiler not recognizing defined type 0.00
Calling, and awaiting, an F# async method, from C# 0.00
Clarifying field types in F# 0.00
let vs member in F#, need to clarify something 0.00
Clear all event handlers in F#? 0.00
Try to get all or nothing from a sequence based on a precondition 0.00
How can I use a map as a type in F#? 0.00
How to generate F# signature file (without Visual Studio) 0.00
create a type with a constructor that takes in a string and a list 0.00
Invoking an F# library from C# 0.00
Declaring list of a specefic type in F# 0.00
Can't serialize records, in F#, with 0.00
Not undestanding generics in F# 0.00
Applying a function on an F# array 0.00
Is traverseBind a recognized FP concept? 0.00
Porting some C# code to F# with Action<T> 0.00
F# type constraints for vector operations 0.00
How to create a new list in a recursive F# function? -0.25
Concatenating two string columns using Deedle in C# +0.22
Global State in Functional Programming (F#) 0.00
Controlling access on fields in F# types +0.59
Is it possible in F# to factor out type constraints +1.09