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Rating Stats for

Tomas Petricek

1722.46 (72nd)
200,570 (213th)
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Title Δ
Unpacking nested applicative functors f# 0.00
Overload resolution with TryParse 0.00
how do I get this signature in f#: val sigF : int -> bool ->... -0.03
Difference between an F# function name and a function value pointed... 0.00
Can I parse some F# code at run-time that reference types in my cur... 0.00
Is there a reference for fsi.commands? 0.00
Can this be made more functional? -0.86
Exposing an F# Map type to C# 0.00
Property Based Testing in F# using conditional parameters -1.94
How to pick correct method overload for function composition? -2.96
Why is my F# vector add function using tail recursion not working? 0.00
Convert a Deedle Dataframe into a C# List of Custom Class +0.61
Casting a dynamic type in C# to F# 0.00
How do I assign a multi-parameter F# function to a C# variable? -0.22
How to write clearer functional-style code? -1.87
How to determine a single property difference between two types? 0.00
F# - How to call Moq ReturnsAsync()? +1.67
CSV Type Provider & Accessing Data -0.30
F# Monad how fix datatypes 0.00
Start and pipe to process such as gnuplot in F# interactive 0.00
F# Literate pass arguments to script file 0.00
Generate sequence using previous values +1.18
Throwing exception when creating F# record with invalid values -0.94
How is this F# workflow evaluated? 0.00
Performant, idiomatic way to concatenate two chars that are not in... -2.98
What's the functional design pattern for a discriminated union... +0.16
Code compiles with netcore but will not compile using mono 0.00
currying multiple functions in parallel in F# +0.20
F# using the .[] operator as a function 0.00
Comparing values of each element in a list with every other element... +0.20
Does Async.RunSynchronously method block? 0.00
Why does F# allow attributes that don't inherit from System.Att... -0.80
Speed up GetResponse of WebRequest? 0.00
F# Code is not sufficiently generic (using a static member constrai... 0.00
how to merge two tuple seq with specified key gracefully? -0.80
"Lifting" exceptions to Option types 0.00
How to draw to a pixel on the screen without a window in F#? 0.00
Pipeline one argument to multiple functions? +0.21
F# Reading input from console 0.00
How to use memoize over sequence +0.20
How to access ExpandoObject properties using F#? +0.85
Getting empty value in F# generator 0.00
How to execute two functions at once in f#? -0.28
Profiling F# for performance of recursive functions +0.53
F# - How to conveniently apply elements in a list to a partial func... +0.22
The type provider 'ProviderImplementation.JsonProvider' rep... -0.29
F# type Statisitic 0.00
How to write a remove function for a tree using a given string list... 0.00
Find min and max of n-tuple? -1.07
F# list.fold maximum 0.00