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Tomas Petricek

1730.53 (62nd)
144,426 (171st)
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Title Δ
Why does F# allow attributes that don't inherit from System.Att... -0.80
Speed up GetResponse of WebRequest? 0.00
F# Code is not sufficiently generic (using a static member constrai... 0.00
how to merge two tuple seq with specified key gracefully? -0.80
"Lifting" exceptions to Option types 0.00
How to draw to a pixel on the screen without a window in F#? 0.00
Pipeline one argument to multiple functions? +0.21
F# Reading input from console 0.00
How to use memoize over sequence +0.20
How to access ExpandoObject properties using F#? +0.85
Getting empty value in F# generator 0.00
How to execute two functions at once in f#? -0.28
Profiling F# for performance of recursive functions +0.53
F# - How to conveniently apply elements in a list to a partial func... +0.22
The type provider 'ProviderImplementation.JsonProvider' rep... -0.29
F# type Statisitic 0.00
How to write a remove function for a tree using a given string list... 0.00
Find min and max of n-tuple? -1.07
F# list.fold maximum 0.00
Why won't `Async.SwitchToContext` return? 0.00
Reading text file, iterating over lines to find a match, and return... 0.00
F# Concat two tuples without deconstructing +0.41
F# list compare 0.00
Reading csv Data in F# 0.00
Is it correct that Deedle/Series is slow compared to a list? 0.00
Functionally idiomatic FFT 0.00
F# List contains +0.18
Add serial data received event handler to f# serial port reader 0.00
Evaluate a list of computation expression values 0.00
F# How to Write/Read to a CSV File 0.00
How do I implement an F# high order function in C#? +0.22
How to combine equal sequence elements (functional programming)? +0.38
System.IO.IOException: 'The process cannot access the file' 0.00
Is there already or can I declare a more pipe friendly upcast? +0.71
Can't Update Mutable Field in Struct? +0.44
Is it possible to repeat an array? -0.56
why does F# complain when I write two yield! in one line? 0.00
Waiting for database rows to load using TableDependency and F# 0.00
Lambda F#: getting minimum value from list regardless if input is s... 0.00
Getting the length of a list using combinators f# +0.78
F# Function using mutually recursive auxiliary functions +1.52
F# Async actions with conflicts / ordering / mutex -0.04
Idiomatic F# - Simple Statistical Functions -1.08
Handling "The resulting type would be infinite when unifying&q... +0.69
How to sortby a variable ascending in F#? +0.20
HighRise API Create a person failing with missing first name while... -0.29
Open file with F# project 0.00
Lists: Combine each first, second, third elements in a list of subl... 0.00
Trying to compare length of each sub-list (learning about lambda an... +0.20
JsonProvider gives me different types that I cannot unify 0.00