An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1670.95 (292nd)
616,508 (16th)
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Title Δ
JAVA Sorting a vector with .compareTo and by filling another vector 0.00
define arraysize using an int value from a function in c +0.82
How to detect loop before adding child Node to parent Node Java 0.00
exists() does not work but getAbsolutePath() does work +0.79
Why are literals and temporary variables not lvalues? -1.74
C++ - Char array somehow initializes to wrong size 0.00
Effective types of allocated objects and structs -0.56
How does a HashMap identify which locations in the internal array c... 0.00
What happens if strncpy copies random data into a buffer? +0.68
C# bitwise negation ! check equivalent +0.26
make fails with linker complaining for duplicate symbols 0.00
Hide define from external library to my code 0.00
Java compareTo method beginner level -0.48
Why does memory leak in one case and not in another +1.15
String input/output -1.43
Universal database retrieval 0.00
Converting a structure from Little endian to Big endian 0.00
How to get the offset when converting time to specific timezone and... 0.00
updating a value in main after updating it in a function , without... 0.00
Why does the compiler add statements to the switch? 0.00
BufferReader unexpected output +0.75
Should one be using macros instead of flexible array members? +0.66
Relative files on c++ +0.27
Find and Partially Replace Notepad++ Regex 0.00
Does calloc() of a double field always evaluate to 0.0? -1.62
Can the java compiler optimize loops to return early? -2.82
C++ what is better when trying to compare strings "==" or... +0.24
Pattern to Implement an OO interface to a C program written in an i... 0.00
Reading binary file data into List of Structs 0.00
Asp net cannot accept json with brackets [ ] 0.00
Reflectively create an anonymous class +0.23
c# how to code a class method that can be called on the instance of... -0.72
could logical negation have been implemented as bitwise negation in... -0.39
C language: remove the last element of a vector 0.00
Could interfaces in C# be replaced by abstract classes with no data... 0.00
What is the time complexity of retainAll and removeAll of ArrayList... +0.84
Dictionary with lambda expression 0.00
Program to find the number of 'a' in a string that is repea... -0.31
Syntax error when adding a bool field to a struct (expected ‘:’, ‘,... -0.23
How to properly printf float (*)() in objective-c? 0.00
Besides the stated arguments and the "this" pointer, what... +1.32
Handle if/else more dynamically +0.26
How to convert a chess co-ordinate into row, column for 2D array -1.51
What is the formula to calculate this sequence? +0.65
C++: construct by return within constructor +1.35
can't figure out the right way to make this decision -0.23
How to recognize space after first word in string? 0.00
Most correct way for bit checking in C 0.00
Unable to access nested class. Invalid use of class -1.80
db2 using CASE with AND inside a SUM +0.97