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Sergey Kalinichenko

1672.05 (304th)
657,175 (21st)
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Title Δ
Is there an intrinsic function to zero out the last n bytes of a __... 0.00
ANTLR4: what design pattern to follow? 0.00
Accessing external array whose typedef is also defined outside 0.00
Method overloading with dynamic data types -1.19
Why isn't SQL Server letting me store '21/04/17' as a d... -1.35
exchange index in 2D array using pointer in C -0.80
How to sort a list of objects by a property of a nested list with L... -2.71
Why is sometimes async keyword not used with a method suffixed with... +0.25
Why converting empty value to datetime2 is throwing conversion erro... +0.54
Using IN clause in THEN portion of a CASE expression +1.02
Returning enum name when returning records from a database +0.27
Do I need to return anything from an async task? +0.27
Counting duplicates when using "IN" operator -1.33
How to read 19bits out of 3 bytes in Swift? 0.00
The same site produces "too many redirects" only via cell... +0.02
"Run Time Error" in Reversed Binary Numbers in Kattis 0.00
How could a thread return to a place different from the one it come... +0.75
Little problem with pointers and constants in C++ +0.28
What sort of data structure can I use to deal in such a way 0.00
Populate new dictionary from old dictionary -0.35
How to Batch INSERT SQL Server? -0.76
C# How do i find the last UNIQUE letter inside a string, and get it... +0.70
FromSqlRaw parameter from a List<String> that is safe from sq... 0.00
Best Implementation to avoid if/else +0.63
How to set value for a field of one list of object from another lis... -0.45
Draw a triangle knowing its sides 0.00
Print strings of length of k from a and b +1.11
Make 10k queries SQL faster +1.44
What happens to arguments pushed on the stack when a function call... +1.93
Result of bitwise OR operator in c +1.37
Single Dictionary or multiple dictionaries or any other alternatives 0.00
Vector index variable declaration (size_t or std::vector<DATATYP... -1.60
Search for a Value in Columns in SQL Server +0.81
How to use one variable for a parent and derived class -0.25
Why do we need abstract methods? +0.71
How to check if all squares of a chessboard got stepped at least on... 0.00
C# turn decimals for money into integers +0.27
Recursive Function Not Adding Items to ArrayList in Java +0.27
c# for loops - adding and subtracting totals -0.73
Why two variables declared one after another are not next to each o... +1.15
regex to match exactly 16 consecutive digits in a potentially large... -0.39
I need a example for strcat_s() 0.00
Design: Better way to return an array of child objects from SQL -0.23
Im trying to merge two linked lists into 1 linked list in ascended... 0.00
How to fix: "Parameter index out of range (2 > number of pa... 0.00
How would I fit all elements into a Segmented Control? -0.72
Regex is returning all matches in one group +1.52
In C, where are block scoped variables stored? 0.00
Get a part of an integer in C +0.83