An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1534.30 (15,141st)
3,323 (50,827th)
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Title Δ
Is there any unsupervised learning algorithm that do not not assign k -0.03
Iterative Approach with Gradient Descent - Linear Regression 0.00
How objects created in java's heap space have global access? 0.00
Priorities in java threads -0.05
Jooq 3.9.3 deletes custom generated java files after generate 0.00
MultipleThreading | Later thread overriding ThreadLocal values 0.00
Java check intersection of each element of ranges in a list +1.86
DIsable Thread.sleep() +1.26
Java: Collection of N highest elements +0.43
How can any single-threaded program is also a valid multithreaded p... +2.29
Java Proxy -> Why does have proxy object same hashCode like orig... 0.00
java - can we have a weak thread? +0.50
MVCS pattern, When create services 0.00
Java - JSON to URL 0.00
Narrow or widen type ? What to return in my public API +4.26
Scheduling algorithm used in Java ScheduledExecutorService -2.42
Threading in python to build wordcloud 0.00
Can Singleton Object lead to degradation in performance even though... -3.64
Finding usages of Java Reflection in a codebase 0.00
AbstractFactory design pattern in real life -0.46
Multithreading in java cannot communicate change 0.00
Cyclomatic Compleity IF ELSE vs SWITCH CASE 0.00
Nested Loops and end value -2.18
Reducing the cyclomatic complexity, multiple if statements -0.97
Java Scanner Breaks when an unknown thing is input +2.84
Should I always test the types of each function's parameters? +1.76
Pattern for sharing a large amount of data between the web applicat... 0.00
How do we manage QA, Java Team and Frontend Developers towards a sp... +3.54
Hibernate configuration +3.67
HSQL database occasionally executes schema.sql twice 0.00
Reading different lines of a txt file into different ArrayList -2.36
Is kd-tree always balanced? +3.78
Is this HashMap usage thread safe? -0.11
Do sub process share any resources with his parent process? -0.19
Differ which repository object will be injected to reference 0.00
Android service and thread id +3.71
Spring Application Context Refresh in webapplication 0.00
Why do I not need @Autowired on @Bean methods in a Spring configura... +3.85
Java reflection isAccessible method +5.35
how to know if java SE class or method is thread safe? -1.58
Thread safety with RSA Cipher +0.82
What does "this" refer to in Linked List example? -0.95
If I use abstract class instead of interface while implementing fac... +3.92
Injecting bean in spring using autowired 0.00
Why Java doesn't allow object on stack? -0.97
GCM Application ID, Instance +3.60
XML validation - known and unknown attributes optional? +0.15
Tomcat 8 cannot access protected member via reflection 0.00
Get bean with specific Arguments to constructor in Spring 0.00
Servant and objects - relation -0.04