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1499.94 (3,597,196th)
3,312 (50,798th)
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Title Δ
Mockito - Verify a method is called twice with two different params 0.00
Why is the answer to this recursive function 8? 0.00
(Symfony) Load a template and redirect after 5 seconds 0.00
How to compare with optimal effort whether 2 JAVA NESTED COLLECTION... +1.96
How to get the 3 highest values in a HashMap? -1.10
Selection aware keyBindingFn in draftjs 0.00
Streams Optional<Question> find highest scoring Question with -1.77
Why does javac allow "new CLS().new InnerCLS()" compile? -1.55
Mocking raw String in unit testing for Spring Boot service layer 0.00
Convert List<String[]> to Object[][] 2d array in Java +1.83
Warning for public method used just in class 0.00
Problem finding duplicate numbers in array, is my technique bad? +1.71
How to suppress warnings of grammar generated in antlr4 -2.05
Quickly retrieving large file from SD card on Arduino 0.00
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1210 Incorrect arguments to mysqld_... -0.00
Does doing a git commit and push save the files locally too? +0.51
What is the way to declare a generic T varibale inside Exception su... 0.00
Change part of code to functional paradigm -1.29
'Collections.unmodifiableCollection' in constructor -1.46
HttpUrlConnect.getInputStream() confusion 0.00
Symfony - how to use an array as an parameter by using a querybuild... +0.49
Doctrine One To Many add column check +0.25
Why doesn't the parent deadlock the child? +0.19
is my implementation of builder violates mutability -0.00
How to negate base -2 numbers? -1.13
C++ typedefs requiring ::type 0.00
Understanding modulus -0.34
What is the proper way to call class functions using Symfony's... +0.01
FormType Validation symfony2 0.00
PHP - eliminate the need to pass the value by reference -1.89
Is it advisable to call abstract methods from a method in that Abst... -1.05
Averaging the time of a For loop iteration in Java -0.14
What's wrong with leaving a Stream open? +1.23
Why doesn't double.class equal java.lang.Double.class? -0.62
Lucene query not working as expected -0.51
C Why can't a void pointer store a float value? +0.11
How does int to char array conversion occurs? -1.96
Java Swing Interface Troubles 0.00
How to return the name of the instance of a class in Java +0.23
Check if an element in list is prefix of other in java 0.00
Symfony2 Form issue, adding a dynamic field 0.00
Java Semaphore Stop Threads 0.00
Does every single service on an OS listen to a port? -0.03
Repeated code in several functions with PHP -0.27
How to refactor a repetitive line of code java +1.99
[Ljava.lang.Object; cannot be cast to com.yess.erp.crm.domain.Task... 0.00
what is the assurity for JVM to start run() method of Threads in a... +1.74
What is the difference between a balanced binary search tree and a... +0.48
How to check if a dictionary word is a part of a user input in vb? -0.01
Converting ASCII file to UTF8 0.00