An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Ben Scheirman

1521.24 (28,779th)
32,402 (3,665th)
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Title Δ
XCode workspace integrity - couldn't load project (pods.xcodepoj) 0.00
Swift - ReloadData not update 0.00
CollectionView Compositional Layout with Multiple Data Types 0.00
Linking the same framework to multiple targets in CocoaPods +0.47
Pass extra info to custom action mailer delivery class 0.00
Rubocop warning: Style/EndOfLine has the wrong namespace -0.93
Create a rails 5 plugin that need migrations 0.00
show another storyboard as the content of 1st tab of TabBarController -0.19
UICollectionView challenge: set height on the last cell to fit avai... 0.00
how to merge the below two if condition? -0.58
Checking if Auth0 idToken has expired 0.00
Swift's JSONDecoder with multiple date formats in a JSON string? -1.13
Twitter and Facebook won't appear on UIActivityViewController S... 0.00
Overriding a property in a swift class which is defined initially i... 0.00
Initializing value of a key - Swift 0.00
iCloud Music Library and Music Playing Apps: How? -0.03
What does this property declaration mean? -2.21
NSJSONSerialization Failing 0.00
Ruby's Parsing of iso8601 dates seems broken 0.00
capistrano - ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension 0.00
iCloud data backup and restore strategy 0.00
Check for successful creation of records on create rails 0.00
Selecting and Dragging tiles 0.00
Adding borders and aesthetics to an Xcode project +0.46
How do you align other views with a UITableViewCell's textLabel? 0.00
Filter UITableView Feed via tap on Slide Out Menu with protocol 0.00
Handling 304 Responses in AFNetworking -0.04
Links without .html extension with no need to create directories +1.93
iOS: How can I generate coloured & rounded icons with alphabets... 0.00
Logging to rails console with rake -0.05
Custom navbar sizing from iphone 5 to iphone 6 +0.41
Xcode: Storyboards too cluttered and 'busy 0.00
Get the number of lines required for UILabel from NSString? +1.12
Rails Custom Rake Task no method error 0.00
Parsing an FQL result 0.00
OCMock and block testing, executing -0.53
UITableView segue not working +0.22
How do you query upstream in a polymorphic association without raw... -0.04
calculate total value of an order with jQuery in a Nested-Form in R... 0.00
Best way to generate a static CSS file with Rails 0.00
Rails generating wrong attribute names from scaffolding -0.04
How to pull down refresh (EGORefreshTableHeaderView) in each UIScro... 0.00
Make a delegate for my TabBar in AppDelegate using XCode 4 with sto... 0.00
Using an artistic developer name for App Store instead of my real n... +0.23
Using a Pickerview instead of Textview +1.14
When should one use a "has_many :through" relation in Rai... +0.86
Audio crashes when backgrounding app / double tapping home button 0.00
How to Invoke a .NET XML Web Service Using AFNetworking Library 0.00
Adding Items to UIScrollView Dynamically 0.00
Where and how should I add this new 'non-rails-way' method in my Ra... -0.50