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1639.86 (706th)
72,471 (1,170th)
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Title Δ
Sorting NSFetchedResultsController alphabetically and in sections 0.00
Advertisement data shows 3 services, but there is only one discovered 0.00
Swift - App Tracking Transparency - How to show non-personalised Ad... 0.00
Trailing closure passed to parameter of type 'Result<Void, E... 0.00
Toggling Property Does Not Show Change in Real Time 0.00
Obj-c - App crashing if tableview section is empty? 0.00
How To Update All The Visible UITableViewCell Every Time A New Row... 0.00
configuring location w/ UITapGestureRecognizer? 0.00
How do I use Healthkit observer queries with background delivery wi... 0.00
IOS app crashes on a line of code if there's no internet connec... 0.00
How to convert Java enum to Swift enum? +0.30
About NSURLSessionTask and "resume" 0.00
Why is this Combine pipeline not letting items through? -0.19
Keeping Today Extension for iOS 13 and removing it for iOS 14 0.00
Can we check if Allow Apps to Request to Track toggle is ON -0.66
Why can my Apple Watch OS app receive message from my iOS app only... 0.00
Leading TableView to MVC in Swift 0.00
Is there a way to upload screenshots with fastlane for 2FA enabled... 0.00
Request location with precise off as default 0.00
Return value from closure when closure is called synchronously (PHI... 0.00
SwiftUI List View opens same PDF whatever row is selected - also ca... 0.00
Swift showing Promo Code View for In App purchase not doing anything 0.00
How to get the link of click promotion in appStore +0.28
Swift protocol delegate not firing in VC 0.00
WKExtendedRuntimeSession stopping after about 30 seconds? 0.00
numberOfRowsInSection called for a section not being reloaded 0.00
Why the if != nil works only sometimes during the app being used? 0.00
Swift - How to update custom cell label from UIActionSheet 0.00
How do I iterate through an array of type Timer and set each timer... +1.61
Safely unwrapping optional values and add it to Alamofire parameters +0.30
Cannot change value of CGFloat within a View 0.00
App not listed in Motion & Fitness page despite the add of NSMo... 0.00
Meaning of "Redirects are always followed" 0.00
NWConnection, 100% CPU usage and crash after sending 512 UDP packets 0.00
How does "translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints" actu... 0.00
Uninstalling an app from phones of users who have already installed... +0.30
AppTrackingTransparency... dialog is displayed only one time -0.69
previewProvider on SwiftUI does not load 0.00
CoreData how to add items to a NSSet which is related to an entity -0.72
Can not find MPRemoteCommandCenter in scope 0.00
Obj-C - Check arrays within array for value? 0.00
Swift MeasurementFormatter incorrectly converting distance to miles 0.00
Completion handler being called on background Thread instead of mai... +1.11
How can I make an Image with half of screen height in SwiftUI? +0.30
How Set Model Data Before TableView Reload +0.31
Beta test through Testflight to people without without apple ID acc... 0.00
Emitting Error from bottom to top through call hierarchy 0.00
swift how to develop an app performing an actual bluetooth pair 0.00
Swift Playground error: Execution was interrupted, reason: signal S... 0.00
How to end a CallKit call from custom UI without having caller UUID? 0.00