An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1641.08 (667th)
72,471 (1,170th)
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Title Δ
Deprecated API Usage - App updates that use UIWebView will no longe... 0.00
backgroundMessageHandler IOS does not fire on low power mode [rnFir... 0.00
iOS power states in simple English 0.00
How to get unique ID of Bluetooth Device using Core Bluetooth in iOS 0.00
Understanding iOS application lifecycle 0.00
Proper way to wait for iOS Swift CBPeripheralDelegate to complete? 0.00
Should I build individual apps or build one with a coded log in? 0.00
iOS13 make a background processor to update location 0.00
Getting CBATTErrorDomain Code=6 The request is not supported error... 0.00
Is there any way to make notification listener for ios in flutter 0.00
iOS dark mode. User Interface Style changes back and forth on enter... 0.00
Change the Blank Icon in App Store connect 0.00
Bug in iOS 13 Location Authorization Flow? 0.00
swift start music after user phone call 0.00
conditional if on import for objective c 0.00
How to set DIFFERENT image pins in different locations SWIFT 0.00
What is background mode remote notifications for in Xcode 0.00
Does the CL Visit API still work on iOS 14 when only approximate al... 0.00
Filter Vs NSPredicate in coredata 0.00
Problem with reusable MKAnnotationView to show distinct images 0.00
An Error While Displaying the Winner in Swift (Xcode) in iOS game D... 0.00
How to make GET API calls that has large JSON response in Swift 5? 0.00
How to work with retrieved Core Data Objects 0.00
iOS apple-app-site-association - does it need to be off the root of... 0.00
locationManager:didChangeAuthorization vs locationManagerDidChangeA... 0.00
TVOS - App Icon must have at least 2 layers with applicable content... 0.00
Alternative to { } in Swift? Having trouble formatting the paramete... 0.00
If I upgrade my iOS app target from iOS 11 to iOS 13, what happens... 0.00
Provisioning profile doesn't include the -0.66
Private Keychain store 0.00
Exception: "time interval must be greater than 0" while s... 0.00
Accessing the row number of a UITableViewCell outside of cellForRow... 0.00
iOS app not receiving UDP broadcast datagrams 0.00
Swift 5 - Email Class Helper / Manager +0.30
Getting error in debugger: This app has attempted to access privacy... +0.31
(SwiftUI) How can I access the match I have found from one array in... 0.00
private application for a private business in apple store +0.31
Cannot use all methods in Objective-C class in Swift 0.00
Organizational Licensing 0.00
unit testing iOS function with dispatch 0.00
Office 365: Admin Approval Required when Mail.Read scope is requested 0.00
Cannot assign value of type 'String??' to type 'String?... -0.77
Perform Auto Segue when Timer is finished? 0.00
Swift Get CLPlacemark from CLLocation 0.00
SwiftUI Rectangle suddenly transforms into RoundedRectangle 0.00
Can MSAL be used with swift UI based app? 0.00
how to turn On/Off DND "Do not Disturb" Mode programmatic... 0.00
How to map recursive data into structure? +1.24
Issue Storing "Favourite" button state in NSUserDefaults 0.00
App loads repeats of the same article from News API (Swift) 0.00