An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1576.12 (3,372nd)
499,731 (62nd)
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Title Δ
AppleScript, check if folder exist in current users home directory +1.84
Additional space on UILabel in UIPickerView 0.00
Swift 5 How can I hash two arrays -0.11
Activity View Controller not showing the entire popup 0.00
Activity Indicator When Switching Tabs +0.40
iOS Deeplink doesn't work when launching the app 0.00
How to constrain a Dictionary's Value to a protocol -1.19
Filtering and reducing lazy structures +1.96
SwiftUI NSAttributedString gradient foreground color 0.00
Swift syntax mystery involving .with pattern 0.00
How can I start a new branch with squashed commits from an open PR? 0.00
how to save an images current location to prevent a subsequent anim... 0.00
How do I recover deleted files using git hub in Visual Studio 2019 -2.45
How to use Clean code on Swift with a lot of if and else 0.00
Swift Lazy Property Initialization Circular Reference Compilation E... -0.11
Need to get certain words from a long string swift 0.00
Executing text-to-speech in order +0.39
Git Pull with uncommitted changes -0.60
where is ruby 3.0.0 on rbenv +0.83
How to keep working and making new PR on one branch in Github 0.00
How to tell how long it's been since I did a git pull 0.00
Swift: Overload or rout to a generic method based on possibility of... -0.85
Swift How to use Switch statement in method with 4 inputs(SENDER) 0.00
Property Observer in Swift +1.50
Running out of memory while fetching images from Photos SwiftUI 0.00
What is the motivation for using variables in closures formats? var... -0.23
Git resolved conflict using previous resolution but still calls it... 0.00
Set default name for default branch in GitHub -0.43
Merge Multiple Feature Branches +1.78
Efficient algorithm to split a string based on multiple string deli... +1.42
Add space between tableviewcell and tableview 0.00
Swift to Objective-C call with trailing closure calls wrong method +2.63
Git conflicts in rebase vs merge +0.41
Unexpected Cannot assign to property 'self' is immutable co... +0.39
Is there any rule of thumb, to decide whether to override UIView... 0.00
How to size UIProgressView's progress image to the size of the... 0.00
Cannot convert return expression of type '(AnyPublisher<Demo... 0.00
with or without [weak self] -0.50
How do I assign a value to an optional instances property? -0.26
GitHub 2 People commit changes to same branch 0.00
How To UnitTest Combine Cancellables? +0.40
Possible error in CGAffineTransform documentation -0.62
git revert to a specific commit which has a conflict -0.60
Git says "nothing to commit, working tree clean" even aft... 0.00
merge forked repo with testing branch of original repo 0.00
Deciding default remote in git (Default for the whole project, not... -1.51
Different versions of app for different devices - iPhone to iPad 0.00
Why is UINavigationBar.items an array? 0.00
Where are the files stored in the git directory +1.33
git push and unreferenced objects +0.35