An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Jack M.

1469.55 (4,520,215th)
16,578 (8,385th)
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Title Δ
Async JavaScript in production environment only? 0.00
Empty results with Where Clause +0.53
Sanitize HTML::Mason arguments in the handler? 0.00
How to pipe an email into Django? +2.45
How do I setup and alternate directory structure for django? +0.14
Django models: Reference field return multiple type of models 0.00
Can you have more than one python in terminal? +0.76
Difference between cleaned_data and cleaned_data.get in Django 0.00
Is it possible to integrate google plus' +1 to a Django Website? 0.00
How to remove the Username field from the UserCreationForm in Django -0.46
Ajax POST and Django Tastypie +0.56
Language setting ignored after programatically calling call_command... 0.00
Perl: How to test if any value (even zero) has been assigned to a h... -1.86
XFDF pdf opening in same window in IE 0.00
Want to create a view which can dump mysql database as a sql file 0.00
Handling multiple sub-urls in Django's file 0.00
Good Django example/tutorial/book to start with? +1.75
Compare Two Databases Perl +0.48
Django: "ZeroToOneField" DoesNotExist Error 0.00
Perl Recursion and Functions -0.12
Django, topic model with subtopics 0.00
How does one find all models with relations to a specific model wit... 0.00
Django - AttributeError when trying to access a field in a Form +1.39
Storing strings somewhere then writing out at once 0.00
How to start celery in background of terminal in Django +0.55
Most optimized way to delete all sessions for a specific user in Dj... 0.00
change sort order of modelchoicefield django 0.00
Simple count of number of records in ManyToMany table +0.58
Django pagination overhead with sorting +0.55
Python Django - Load column from Database into list 0.00
Referencing Django login name from within a model 0.00
Using <input type="file"> in Django 0.00
Django Ajax CSRF error 403 or 500 0.00
Model Form subclassing and hiding elements 0.00
Parallelize downloads across hostnames and Django +0.57
django language translation 0.00
Serving static files on a webserver in Django -1.73
jQuery $.post to Django returns "500 Internal Server Error" -0.46
Import data into Django model with existing data? +0.59
Django directory permissions configuration problem 0.00
Django overwrite save 0.00
Using Nginx and Apache to serve web application 0.00
Using greybox js library to show a window using the google tts +0.05
MySQL connection error with Django 0.00
How do I add a form value to a URL using Django +0.59
Django - define template includes/extends in one place in the same... 0.00
calling function from jQuery with Django not working correctly -1.22
calling function from jQuery with Django not working correctly +1.03
Control a function (E.g send mail) from a users profile page 0.00
Ajax CSRF problem in Django 1.3 0.00