An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1533.23 (14,373rd)
785 (186,653rd)
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Title Δ
Custom font in swift 4 make Fatal error: Unexpectedly found nil whi... 0.00
UILabel in UITableViewCell takes up extra space when set to fixed n... 0.00
Swift 4.2: Can't get simple delegate protocol working -1.66
Adding some space before first line begins UITextView +2.27
TableView calculates wrong estimatedHeightForRowAt +0.73
TableViewCell Nib error: loaded the nib but the view outlet was not... +3.68
How to convert String Array to String in Swift -0.67
xcode attributes inspector text value not shown properly (too long... 0.00
Unexpectedly nil hashing a password -2.87
How to hide views in iOS? +3.53
How can I disable horizontal scrolling and page will change on clic... -0.34
iOS Localization using Xib & Swift: Can someone help me to make... 0.00
How can I shift my label up and down on UIswitch on and off? 0.00
How can I delete keys for UI elements (key value coding-compliance)? +4.18
Adding views dynamically to UIStackview +3.72
Swift 4+SwiftyJson convert/generate objects from JSON automatically +3.79
increase tableview height when outer scrollview begin to scroll 0.00
Decode json output to a model +3.89
How to safely unwrap a value from user defaults? +0.12
UIStatusBar appear in black in UITabBarViewController ios11 -1.48
Detect iPhone X with a macro -4.46
What is the efficient way to get a specific substring from a string... -3.94
iOS 11 Force UIViewController to portrait mode doesn't work 0.00
How to Create this type of view in IOS? (See in Image) -4.59
OSX: Quit app correctly upon logout 0.00
Find String between two Strings and replace a part of it 0.00
change imageview in custom tablecell +3.68
How to achieve that placeholder text disappears character by charac... +1.00
objective-c ios app layout -4.12
Replace NSWindow contentViewController with new ViewController with... 0.00
How to save multiple videos into application document directory? -0.35
Forced orientation change does not work sometimes +3.66
open all contacts on button click in ios xcode +0.24
Dynamic URLs for individual words in UILabel: Objective-C +3.79
Pull To Refresh issue with TableView +3.64
UILabel doesn't fully resize using Auto Layout +3.86
Extracting particular field from Nsstring -0.11
How to add view in UIWindow? 0.00
how to get touches of uiimage view in scrollview and perform some a... -0.21
How to integrate latest SDWebImage API in my Swift based project? -4.19
I don't understand how to use the JSON data in Xcode 0.00
Stretch two buttons horizontally across all devices AutoLayout 0.00
UIScrollView scrolls on all the simulators but not on my iPhone +1.84
How to detect swipe direction? +1.79
JDBC: Connection returning NULL, what to do? +1.53
Face recognition for authentication in iOS +3.92
download multiple files from ftp in objective c -0.11
Display the selected value in uipickerview +3.66
slow start my AVAudioplayer if i click the play button 0.00
Hibernate Named Query Vs JDBC Query Performance +3.83