An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Lior Ohana

1472.85 (4,388,718th)
2,352 (71,334th)
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Title Δ
Detect Right Click On Every PictureBox On The Form -1.75
Sharing a variable between many Activities in Android App +0.04
Reading into a string from a file, but any text after space on a li... -0.13
Determine Insert mode in a Windows Form application -0.45
Android repeat song 0.00
HTML is not updated when using Mootools dragging -0.46
How to convert WAV to AAC on Android 0.00
Use a relative path for images in windows form application -1.21
Clear IE browsing cache from externally 0.00
MochaUI window z-index 0.00
If an application is not closed (running in background) , does it c... +4.34
Android- The background is longer in hdpi screen 0.00
Fire event till touched android +0.12
Thumbnails and original image on the same page -3.46
How to convert byte[] to float[] and back in Java? -3.65
Interface for Attributes 0.00
Timer run even if Activity stops +3.10
Android is not matching closest size drawable when I use getResourc... 0.00
How to prevent a user clicking a link to a new activity multiple ti... 0.00
Android Null Pointer Exception on Textview setText +0.63
receiving video stream from pc while using ip camera on Android 0.00
mutilthreading with N threads -2.44
How To Apply Full Camera Functions Using SurfaceView Android +0.19
Android how to calculate amount of elements on a page +0.27
BufferedWriter only writing first word in android -0.11
Disable taking apk file from an installed android application 0.00
Assets folder in Android Studio? 0.00
cut a video file into many images and combine it in Android 0.00
Not able to write : in Property file -3.73
Editext (Dialog) Value is empty? +4.57
What's the Allocation Base shown in the "address" command... 0.00
how to listen volume key event in background of android application +0.03
Setting Windows server as NTP server but keeping client settings un... 0.00
Using a huge data set within an Android App -1.94
Toast not getting shown -1.68
Controlling camera hardware in Android phone -1.82
simple xml ui for android device -0.11
best location to write a unit-test (java)? -0.89
FFMpeg crashes on decoding MJpeg 0.00
C# - Threading in forms 0.00
How to Save the drawing canvas in android? -4.13
How to rotate an object 90 degrees around its center? 0.00
Create IIS Application from Code +4.23
Android system application DEVICE_POWER permission error 0.00
android picture from camera being taken at a really small size 0.00
Android MediaRecorder in streaming 0.00
How to clear preview frame from surface after stopPreview +0.19
Using struct in C# as you would in C - can you? +1.38
android saving 3 bitmaps as 1 +0.16
Is that possible to check was onCreate called because of orientatio... -2.50