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1447.06 (4,406,404th)
7,632 (20,724th)
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Title Δ
SwiftUI Global Queue Runs on Thread 1 +0.76
How to combine two Text Views in SwiftUI that have different format... 0.00
SwiftUI - is it possible to get didSet to fire when changing a @Pub... 0.00
How to use Dictionary as @Binding var in SwiftUI 0.00
SwiftUI input currency format in a text field (from right to left) +0.07
SwiftUI Segmented Control selected segment text animation on view r... 0.00
SwiftUI - If inside ForEach loop +1.56
Fire some code when dismissing SwiftUI modal -0.40
SwiftUI: minimumScaleFactor not handling special characters like &#... 0.00
SwiftUI app crashes every time when trying to add item to grouped i... 0.00
SwiftUI Let View disappear automatically -0.42
HStack NavigationLink in Form tappable area small 0.00
Header view not expanding beyond safeArea SwiftUI 0.00
How to ignore some objects in JSON parsed back data? 0.00
SwiftUI - Multi-Lined text macOS -1.48
SwiftUI Display Image in a Picker object -0.42
Show random images with their names from an array. (SwiftUI) -1.87
PropertyWrapper - Global is external, but doesn't have external... 0.00
SwiftUI - Position a rectangle relative to another view in ZStack 0.00
How to work with Font Modifiers? uppercased and font size in SwiftUI +0.57
list not updating after texts change 0.00
Why is the Range of SwiftUI's ForEach loop not updating? -0.85
Add a side bar to a list of items to skip to the alphabet selected... 0.00
ScrollView layout bug when applying Frame modifier +0.49
UI changes with ObservableObject just after switching tabs +0.04
Observing Binding or State variables 0.00
SwiftUI TextField and overlay -0.39
View refreshing not triggered when ObservableObject is inherited in... +1.55
SwiftUI @Published object doesn't update UI for double struct a... 0.00
Weird shadow bug when using mask 0.00
SwiftUI - how to align text relative to text below +2.54
swiftUI Button with width:0 nonetheless active +0.31
swiftUI: Changing @State in onAppear crashes +0.54
How to avoid invoking init() in sheet when parent View updated in S... +0.07
Dynamically Resizing only one dimension of an element 0.00
Using struct id in swiftui list +0.54
How can a decimal number with a comma be converted in a decimal (Po... -0.41
onReceive String.publisher lead to infinite loop 0.00
SwiftUI Text hight expend top and down. How do I expend only bottom 0.00
How to use LongPressGesture and Combine with Timer to ‘pump' va... 0.00
How to get SwiftUI Picker in subview working? (Greyed out) 0.00
SwiftUI List View Unselectable Rows Within the List 0.00
onTapGesture and onLongPressGesture not responsive 0.00
SwiftUI ScrollView content frame and offset +0.34
Show leading navigationBarItems button only if shown as a modal +1.30
ObservedObject not working on NavigationLink's destination if t... 0.00
SwiftUI async Data fetch 0.00
How do you put a Form in a SwiftUI Modal? -0.42
What is the difference between @Published and normal AnyPublisher p... -1.59
Making a custom SwiftUI View adapt to built-in modifiers -1.49