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Abhishek Aryan

1512.58 (54,650th)
15,447 (9,086th)
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Title Δ
ATTrackingManager Returns .denied on first install with "Allow... 0.00
Requesting tracking authorization on iOS 14 always returns "de... 0.00
iOS 14 requestTrackingAuthorization status always denied 0.00
Upgrading libGdx and Gradle project results in build errors 0.00
Renaming a package 0.00
Whats is groovy console in Android Studio 0.00
Libgdx freetypefont not displaying right border color 0.00
Im new to C++ and have no idea what im doing -0.52
How to write to one value in a JSON file with LibGDX 0.00
Project build failed after adding a new dependency indicating Dupli... -0.52
switch case not working on menu item - why? +0.48
How to fix 'main GraphQL source' error at code generation u... -0.02
Error:Internal error: (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException) +0.48
Integrating Google API into libgdx project 0.00
plugin issue of flutter and dart in android studio -0.27
What is pub tool? +0.45
Invalid version constraint: Cannot include other constraints with &... 0.00
Can any one tell me how to open another app using flutter? +0.48
How to pair mac to test flutter app using android studio in windows 0.00
libGDX Project Setup Package Name Doesn't Allow Underscores 0.00
Libgdx - How to use android ShareCompact or shareActionProvider in... 0.00
How to add desktop platform module to existing libGDX project in An... +0.50
How can i start new android game project of cocos2d-x-3.17 in visua... 0.00
cocos2d-x android build failed 0.00
admob ads doesn't work when uploading the app on play store +0.48
Android Studio 3.2.1: Unfixable Gradle Error -1.03
Sound file runs fine on Desktop with LibGDX, but crashes on android... 0.00
After add implementation ' 0.00
Crashing at 0.00 line 475$StringUri.<init> +0.47
Implementing AdMob Rewarded video ads in IOS module( libGDX) 0.00
Libgdx's plan for opengl deprecation 0.00
Google Manager ads vs admob ads 0.00
LibGdx project setup - Project generated with gradle error 0.00
Error: Cannot change attributes of configuration ':android:kapt... 0.00
libgdx make android back button act like home button +0.46
can I implement google login and in-app purchase for my desktop app... 0.00
Cannot install RoboVM plugin on IntelliJ Idea 0.00
Libgdx Touch image interaction +1.88
How to implement Dialog in LibGDX (unable to load skin) 0.00
Android Studio Could not execute build using Gradle distribution &#... 0.00
Android Libgdx: Passing integer, boolean, strings, etc.. variables... 0.00
AdMob in libGDX game on iOS 0.00
LibGDX - Using "dispose()" on a Music object inside its &... 0.00
Libgdx Combine more than 2 sprite arrays into 1 sprite array 0.00
Libgdx ClickListener without declaring Stage 0.00
How to use SQLite on libgdx (only core and project)? 0.00
Login google by RoboVM/RoboPod 0.00
Launch LibGDX screen from Android Activity 0.00
error while generating signed apk init -0.01