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Johannes Schaub - litb

1660.40 (424th)
445,172 (52nd)
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Title Δ
How does Qt::DirectConnection act when used in multi-threaded envir... -0.71
How to add own files in Yocto project 0.00
populate_sdk fails on ' 0.00
Why does it use the term "object" here when mentioning a... +1.46
C++ std::initializer_list constructor +2.49
In 2018 with C++11 and higher, are helper init() functions consider... +1.36
Name conflict between namespace and class template: different compi... +0.29
Why there isn't a template constructor for std::string_view? 0.00
How can I use C++ template argument to decide which type of member... -0.31
Are user defined deduction guides involving template template param... 0.00
Why is template parameter pack used in a function argument type as... -1.29
Protect CRTP pattern from stack overflowing in "pure virtual&q... -0.07
How do you run a function in the background of your program (Specif... -0.48
Does Qt slots run in parallel with other code? -2.26
How does this work? (C++ name lookup magic) 0.00
Copy initialization of the form '= {}' -1.68
Is it possible to switch to a different base class constructor at r... +0.82
How to restrict template class to only specific specializations wit... +0.98
Using a typedef – based on template-patameter for class – outside s... +1.23
Partial specialization and SFINAE +1.58
Branching on constexpr evaluation / overloading on constexpr 0.00
Why is in-class partial specialization well-formed? -1.82
What is difference between decltype(auto) and decltype(returning ex... -1.85
no type named ‘pointer’ in struct std::iterator_traits<...> +1.61
Guaranteed copy elision and Nonmoveable{Nonmoveable{}} 0.00
Why was the code required to have an accessible copy/move construct... -2.55
Why is T const&& not a forwarding reference? +0.87
Why `this` is a type-dependent expression even if the template clas... +1.58
Accessing variable with the same name outside of the current block? -0.23
How is the initialization below well-formed? -1.74
Non-template methods of a template class in .cpp file - Undefined r... 0.00
Can I initialize an array using the std::initializer_list instead o... +0.74
What does "[*]" (star modifier) mean in C? -2.60
Error in function from project euler when using largest signed int... +0.85
Overloading a function for a generic type vs for a given type and i... -0.82
Return `f`'s result if `f` has a non-void return type - how to... +0.49
Template function overloading in C++ +0.86
Specialized template dispatch independent of template parameter pos... -0.78
Compile time code generation based on the size of template paramete... -0.23
If class A modifies its construction parameters, can I initialize c... +0.34
Why doesn't SFINAE appear to work with nullptr overload here? +1.07
C++ template parameter and partial specialization : strong or weak... 0.00
Post quit() to QEventLoop before exec() 0.00
The lifetime of a temporary to which several references are bound i... +1.61
Why the implicit conversion doesn't work in g++ +0.61
How to specialize a function for a tuple parameter? +1.25
C++11 member initialization list ambiguity +1.19
Nested class template full specialization versus partial specializa... 0.00
QFileSystemModel rowCount does not work as expected 0.00
How to convert QString to typename using templates? +1.56