An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1487.96 (4,444,819th)
339 (373,475th)
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Title Δ
Long math in Java -1.05
Rounding numbers (float) to store them as int, without using math.p... -1.87
Check repetition of fractions of external file 0.00
Context initialization failed / Error creating bean with name 'org.... 0.00
Java constructor fails to work with varargs -2.37
Hashmap casting which is better -3.27
converting timezone back to local +4.09
How to format spring validation errors to replace <br> delimi... -0.00
Calling a jar with multiple main methods in batch file +0.05
"CookieBomb" code injection attack +0.04
Creating a countdown but displaying (x-1):00 bug 0.00
java if numbers are within interval +0.09
Could not autowire. no beans of sessionfactory type found +0.14
Java Saving ArrayList error 0.00
How to cast dynamically in java with the usual brackets? +4.22
Spring Controller "redirect" +0.10
How to quickly replace a Maven Dependency with an Eclipse project? -3.75
What is the use of Spring Framework Actually? -2.19
Palindrome Program output out of range -3.83
How to force Firefox to send an hidden field? -2.42
How to avoid the duplicate entry of select box option while edit pa... 0.00
Apache Tiles: how to access definition name 0.00