An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Taco de Wolff

1491.72 (4,263,544th)
1,052 (147,204th)
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Title Δ
PHP to Go. How should I structure my projects? -3.37
How to perform html minify with Revel framework 0.00
Error when releasing APK with AsyncTask and Jsoup 0.00
WindowManager removeView throws "Hardware acceleration ...&quo... 0.00
smarty section loop -4.08
How image pixel data "scans" the image pixels? -3.59
Qt QGraphicsSvgItem renders too big (0.5 unit on each side) 0.00
QGraphicsView make scene scale to full width -3.68
How to efficiently implement an immutable graph of heterogenous imm... -4.01
How can I convert (encode) RGB buffer to JPEG in plain C? +2.28
CSS: expanding widthsize -0.14
Is typedef'ing a pointer type considered bad practice? +2.20
C++ Header files, constructor logic, simple get/set methods +3.93
D file I/O functions -2.65
Is worth the effort to learn D? +1.08
C++ Reading and Editing pixels of a bitmap image +3.76
How should I handle C-strings in D? 0.00