An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Dr. Sahib

1477.87 (4,377,701st)
73 (825,966th)
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Title Δ
Android Studio is not building flutter app correctly +1.61
Accessing SFR (Special Function Registers) on a 32 bit controller -4.10
C++ Correct way to Deference and Assign Value to pointer -1.83
How to construct a C macro for low-level bit masking? -0.32
Finding which version of valgrind is running -3.80
Don't understand ATmega32 timer delay program -2.11
Passing a char pointer array to a function -2.55
How to make Timer1 more accurate as a real time clock? -4.26
How to avoid "if" chains? -2.57
Is microcontroller development kit can be used for programming any... -2.19
Converting an int into a 4 byte char array (C) 0.00