An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1569.12 (3,998th)
23,006 (5,677th)
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Title Δ
Using VAO with glDrawElements -2.11
Is there a simple, standard way to "new" and "delete... 0.00
equivalent to msdn TIME_ZONE_INFORMATION struct in OSX 0.00
Argument to show View bounds in Xcode 0.00
Do I need a memory barrier for a change notification flag between t... -0.44
OS X IPC get process-ID in C 0.00
Thread performance in C++ -0.84
lldb skip objc_msgSend +1.58
Finding Possible Words in an Ever Changing Grid +1.04
Is it possible to pass params to an iOS app that can be evaluated i... 0.00
Memory barriers force cache coherency? -0.35
How to stop ARC from releasing twice an object shared by by 2 threa... -0.02
Should I use std::default_random_engine or should I use std::mt19937? -0.64
Launch OS X Application Programmatically +1.46
OpenGL, measuring rendering time on gpu 0.00
What is a good application of std::vector::data? +1.52
NSTask in playground 0.00
Checking array indexes when using literal subscripting 0.00
Why can't NSFIleManager -fileExistsAtPath not find an existing... 0.00
Will constraints set up in code override constraints created using... 0.00
#ifdef doesn't seem to work with my framework 0.00
How to get the size of a UIImage in KB? -0.11
Would std::count_if be faster without an if? -0.47
Can't schedule NSStream on currentRunLoop only MainRunLoop 0.00
Editable multiline text input in Xcode 6 0.00
How to use pull to refresh in swift -2.28
Moving UITableViewCell to different section causing assertion failure 0.00
How to have a bottom UIView that always stays in view but a top UIV... -0.18
TMCache - using Blocks to Monitor Cache Events 0.00
How is type safety possible for an object pointer of id? -0.10
Dynamically implementing a delegate during runtime -0.42
How did WhatsApp get the UIImagePickerController to push on to the... 0.00
iOS - Difference between two times (ignore dates) +0.41
How to instantiate C++ objects on specific NUMA memory nodes? 0.00
How do I use NSSecureCoding to guarantee the content of collection... 0.00
SKLabelNode labelNodeWithFontNamed: 0.00
NSUserDefaults - how to set start value? +0.41
Threads accessing/updating a shared memory location 0.00
Bug in multithreaded program (works slowly) +0.39
Is it possible to emulate processor cores or threads to the operati... 0.00
Lock-free C++ data structures, impossible? +0.94
What is the purpose of the User Defaults Controller? -0.32
Google Places and Foursquare iOS API 0.00
Only changing X axis value +0.22
OSX Create C++ Kernel Extension +1.62
How to make objectAtIndex:0 always visible? -0.57
Cocoa example - Why there is NO need to retain or release messages +1.06
memory growth in opengl +1.66
Rand() returns same or very similar output values +1.06
Sprite Kit OSX not loading start up code for spaceship 0.00